Dentist in Ellerslie | The Invisalign Advantage

The best choice for Invisalign in Edmonton is choosing to see your dentist in Ellerslie, the tooth doctor. A free consultation with the tooth doctor can show you all the benefits and advantages of using Invisalign versus traditional braces.


When the Invisalign system was first developed, many of the aligner manufacturing processes were carried out by hand. Computer technicians had to modify each tooth in the computerized model individually. Today that is much different. Computer technology and 3D printing has revolutionized the Invisalign system.

When you come to the dentist in Ellerslie, you might ask what is Invisalign? Invisalign is a method of straightening teeth using clear plastic alignment trays as opposed to traditional braces. Traditional braces use brackets and wires to move teeth into position. This is done by a skilled orthodontist.

When it comes to Invisalign however, a general dentist can take impressions of your teeth, and send them into the Invisalign company. There a team of people will look at your impressions and develop a straightening pathway for your smile. Some dentists use a 3D imaging tool that takes an exact image of your teeth and sends it into Invisalign for processing.

This is something that the tooth doctor, I dentist in Ellerslie is soon to adopt in their clinics. How does Invisalign work you might ask? Invisalign trays help align your teeth in a slow and steady manner. You will visit your dentist on a regular basis to see the process of straightening by the invisible outliners, and then you will receive a new set of aligners to replace the old ones.


It can take anywhere from a few months, up to a year or more depending on the severity of your misalignment. This is different for each person, that the average time span for Invisalign treatment is around six months.

The biggest benefits to using Invisalign are that they are invisible. Unlike traditional braces which have brackets and wires that are highly visible, Invisalign is virtually invisible to anyone you’re interacting with. This is great advantage for people who are in the public eye. People such as salesmen, teachers, or anyone who has to speak with people on a regular basis.

This is also a great option for teens so that they can not feel awkward or out of place in their peer groups. Another great benefit to having invisible outliners and not permanently affixed braces is that you can take them in and out at your convenience.

This is especially helpful when eating or caring for your teeth. There are certain foods that are not possible to be consumed when you are wearing braces. Anything that is very sticky, or has small pieces, like popcorn that can get stuck in your teeth and gums and in your braces.

With Invisalign invisible aligners, you can eat all the same foods that you currently enjoy. Dental hygiene is much easier to achieve when you can remove your aligners. Braces are very difficult to manage proper dental hygiene. Some issues arise around tooth decay, gum disease, and demineralization.

Dentist in Ellerslie | Consider Invisalign

At the tooth doctor, a dentist in Ellerslie, we love recommending Invisalign to our patients. It is a great advantage to the tooth doctor to be able to offer Invisalign to patients. Until Invisalign came along, people who wanted to straighten their teeth had to go to an orthodontist. That is not the case today.

Another advantage that Invisalign has over braces is that they do not cut your lips or your tongue. There are common issues that happen when you have braces. Whenever new wires are placed on, you can experience more pain in your teeth and you can experience more injuries to your lips and your tongue.

Many people come to the dentist in Ellerslie asking how much Invisalign costs. For us Invisalign starts at around $6500. Depending on your situation it may cost more. The best thing to do is come in for a free consultation on Invisalign.

Our dentist will take a look at your teeth and give you a estimated timeline as to how long you will have to wear your Invisalign for, and an estimated price for you.

Depending on your situation Invisalign can take anywhere from six months to more than a year to straighten your teeth. Each person situation is a little bit different so it’s difficult to give an exact timeline for a person without seeing their teeth.


When you come to the dentist in Ellerslie to receive your Invisalign, we will first have to take an impression of your teeth. These impressions will be sent to Invisalign and they will create all of the aligners in their office. The general dentist at the tooth doctor doesn’t create the aligners.

Some people are nervous that Invisalign is going to be painful. There is some pain involved with Invisalign once you get started with your first set of trays. And a little bit of discomfort because the aligners are moving your teeth ever so slightly. There is going to be a little bit of pain involved.

This pain, however, usually only lasts for a very short period of time. It’s not like you are going to be in constant pain while you have the aligners on. The pain last for a few minutes and then it goes away. As the days go on and you are ready to change into your new aligners, there will be again a small amount of pain.

Some people also ask if Invisalign is as good as traditional braces. In our experience, they are as good and, in some ways, better than traditional braces. There are some cases where Invisalign is not effective. In those cases we have to refer those patients to a skilled orthodontist in Edmonton.

Because patient health is of our utmost importance, the tooth doctor always does what is best for the patient and not for the office.