Dentist in Ellerslie | The Popular Choice For Straight Teeth

When you speak with a dentist in Ellerslie at the Tooth Doctor, you can ask about our free consultation for Invisalign invisible aligners. These are very popular choice for straightening your teeth today.


The fact that Invisalign is so popular shouldn’t surprise anybody. These clear plastic aligners, that are available at the dentist in Ellerslie, help teens and adults alike to achieve the straight and beautiful smile.

How Invisalign works is quite revolutionary. Your dentist takes moulds of your teeth, or can use 3D imaging device to get a perfect model of your teeth. This model is sent to the Invisalign company and they create a treatment plan to straighten your teeth.

Dr. Peter Yoo at the Tooth Doctor, a dentist in Ellerslie, works together with the Invisalign company to create the perfect plan for you. Fine-tuning each adjustment on a digital model before the aligners are 3D printed.

Approximately 30 days from the time you have your consultation with the tooth Dr. you receive your first set of aligners. These aligners are printed using revolutionary patented materials exclusive to the Invisalign company.

The tooth Dr. will go over what to expect using your Invisalign invisible aligners. The dentist will check to see that they fit well and answer any questions that you might have about using your new Invisalign aligners.

Invisalign cost start around $6500 at the tooth doctor. There are payment plans available depending on your needs. The staff at the tooth Dr. can check with your insurance to see what your coverage is, and then develop a payment schedule so that you can get started with Invisalign right away.


Most people are curious if Invisalign is painful or not. We can say with confidence that they are not painful in the same way that traditional braces are.

There is some discomfort when you first put in your aligners, and when you get a new set of aligners. You wear sets of aligners for approximately one to two weeks depending on your situation.

The discomfort typically goes away quickly, but if it persists you can manage it with over-the-counter pain medication. There should be no pain after a day or so.

The great thing about Invisalign is that you can eat the same foods that you always have unlike with braces. Braces you have several restrictions on what you can eat because they get stuck in the metal brackets and wires, and braces are difficult to keep clean.

With Invisalign invisible aligners you can brush your teeth and floss them just as you would normally. This makes Invisalign a great choice for adults and teens. Another great feature, possibly the best feature, is that they are invisible.

Come see The Tooth Doctor for a free consultation to see if Invisalign is the best choice for you. If you’re already on our website just click of the book now button and schedule your appointment. Get started with Invisalign today.

Dentist in Ellerslie | Invisalign Cost Edmonton

Contact your dentist in Ellerslie, the tooth Dr., to see how much Invisalign will cost for you. Our prices start at $6500 depending on the severity of your case and the different treatment options available with Invisalign.

Using Invisalign invisible aligners is a great way to straighten your teeth for a relatively low cost. Using Invisalign, you don’t have to visit the dentist in Ellerslie as often as you do with traditional braces.

When you have traditional braces you have to visit your dentist more often, which means more time off work and scheduling can be difficult. This is not always optimal especially for adult patients. When you think that your visits with your general dentist will occur only every 6 to 8 weeks when you’re using Invisalign, the savings are more than what the price of Invisalign would be.

Not only are you saving money on the plastic aligners, but you’re saving valuable time that can be spent doing other activities that you enjoy. Some people are very active in sports which can be troublesome when wearing traditional metal braces.

With metal braces there is a greater chance of injuries to the inside of your mouth and your tongue while performing different sports activities. Invisalign has no metal brackets or anything to harm your mouth and tongue so you can continue to do the activities that you always have enjoyed.

Visit your dentist in Ellerslie at the tooth Dr. to learn more about Invisalign to see if it’s right for you.


A tremendous advantage of that Invisalign has over traditional braces is that you can eat all the same foods that you have always enjoyed. There are virtually no restrictions to what you can eat or drink. You only have to remove your aligners and then floss and brush as you normally would.

By having Invisalign invisible aligners they help to promote a healthy oral hygiene regimen. And this is always good for maintaining optimal health.

By having clean teeth, and healthy smile, you will feel better about using your invisible aligners. Some people ask if Invisalign is as effective as traditional braces. There are very few cases that in the line can’t help with and you need to see an orthodontist in Edmonton for traditional metal braces.

The tooth Dr. always refers patients that he cannot help in order to promote their health and do what’s right for the patient. The tooth Dr. cares about patients overall health and well-being.

Another common question about Invisalign is how long does it take to straighten my teeth. The typical treatment lasts around six months but can be longer or shorter depending on the severity of your case. The best thing to do is contact the tooth Dr. for a free consultation. This is where all of your questions can be answered and you can get started with Invisalign today.

There are so many benefits to using Invisalign that are not covered in this article so please give the tooth Dr. a call at 780-760-8668.