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According to numbers for my data research Inc. around 90,000 dental implant procedures were performed in 2005, with promising growth rate of 14.2%. It is estimated that numbers can reach 200,000 within a decade depending on the market and the needs of dental patients.

The tooth doctor is an Edmonton dentist that has helped many patients receive a better quality of life, and it improved smile by getting a dental implant. One of the best features about dental implants is that they look more natural than dentures. In fact, it is often difficult to tell the difference between real teeth and implants.

When you’re working with great Edmonton dentist and a very good dental laboratory, you can achieve outstanding results with a dental implant.

Another great benefit of dental implants is improved confidence when eating and interacting with others. We’ve all heard the stories of people dentures coming loose and flying out of their mouth when speaking to other people.


Because dental implants are firmly fastened into the jawbone, this is not something that can occur. If you’re missing a tooth, the best thing you can do is replace it with a dental implant. This will encourage ongoing bone growth, and improve your ability to eat the foods that you’ve always enjoyed.

When you have dentures, there is a negative effect on your bone density. This causes the bone to shrink faster and it results in loose-fitting dentures. This means that denture wearers often have difficulty eating and talking.

If you do have dentures you can still receive benefit from dental implants. I dentist like the tooth doctor will fit you with implants and will attach locators to your dentures so that they will be firmly fastened in your mouth and not lose.

This will give you an improved sense of confidence and will allow you to eat raw vegetables and fruits with an improved bite strength.

If you’re only missing one tooth than a dental implant is the perfect choice for you. Over the life of your dental implant, the overall cost is less than wearing a denture or partial. Dentures and partials often have to be replaced whereas a dental implant, when properly cared for does not.

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Edmonton dentist | why consider a dental implant

Your Edmonton dentist at the tooth doctor says this “Michael for our patients is to provide a practical conservative approach for long-lasting dental health. We strive to save as many teeth as possible, for as long as possible, for as cheap as possible.”

Dr. Yoo is committed to helping patients keep their teeth for as long as possible. So when a patient has a tooth that is missing, or multiple teeth that are missing he wants to help them with that issue.

A dental implant is the best choice available for replacing missing teeth. Biggest benefits to replacing missing teeth is to maintain bone health. When you fill in the empty spaces for teeth used to be with an implant, it helps maintain your teeth alignment, and prevents shrinking of the jawbone.

The tooth doctor, an Edmonton dentist, is concerned with the overall health of the patients, not just their teeth. The ability to eat raw vegetables, fruits, nuts is much more improved with a dental implant.

With dentures people lose around 80% of their biting power. That means they only have 20% of the same ability to crush and pulverize food that they had before dentures. One of the issues associated with this is bone loss.

As the bone shrinks, the dentures become looser and looser fitting. This results in having to go in for multiple adjustments, or replacements of dentures every 5 to 10 years depending on your situation.


With dental implants, you can expect to keep them your entire life. You can only expect this if you maintain your implants with dental hygiene, and regular checkups with your dentist. You still need be concerned with gum disease and plaque buildup around the base of your implant. Brushing and flossing your implants is just as important as your natural teeth.

Though porcelain crowns cannot receive a cavity, you still need to be concerned with the overall health of the teeth surrounding the implant and the bone where your implant is attached.

Contact your Edmonton dentist at the tooth doctor for a free consultation to see an implant is the right choice for you.

Eating around vegetables, fruits, nuts is much better with dental implant. Once the healing process is completed with your dental implant, you can enjoy foods the same as before you lost your tooth.

Having the ability to eat foods as you normally is very beneficial to the overall health patient. When people have difficulty eating hard foods, the overall nutrition level will go down as a result. We want to ensure that our patients maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The tooth doctor is concerned with all areas of patient health. We want you to have confidence when you’re in groups of other people, and we want your body to be healthy so that you can enjoy a long and fulfilling life.

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