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According to a survey, patient satisfaction rates 8 to 14 years after undergoing implant dentistry treatment 81% of the respondents reported high levels of comfort when biting and chewing.

Why is this important? The ability to bite and shoe properly greatly affects the quality of your diet. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. When you’re able to eat raw vegetables and fruits, your diet is more balanced and your overall nutrition level is not hindered.

It is shown that people who have dentures lose 80% of their biting power. This is a great hindrance to having proper nutrition. The way to improve this is by getting a dental implant. In the case of dentures, you will need more than one dental implant to hold everything in place. But the effect is incredible.

Denture wearers often have to be concerned with the types of foods they eat, and holding their dentures in their mouth while they’re talking. They have to make adjustments with their cheeks and tongue in order to hold their dentures in place.


With a dental implant procedure, locators will be attached to your dentures which then attached to the implants that are surgically placed into your jaw. This provides a sturdy foundation for the dentures providing more confidence will speaking and eating.

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With a dental implant, you can care for your dental implant just as you would your normal teeth. Brushing and flossing mouthwash is a typical method of caring for your dental implant.

Just because your implant cannot get cavity, doesn’t mean that your normal teeth can’t still receive cavities and be affected by gum disease. You must also pay attention to the health of your gums and the bone surrounding your implant.

If the bone surrounding your implant becomes affected by bacterial growth, you could potentially lose that implant.

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Edmonton Dentist | implants over dentures

There are many ways that implants are superior to dentures according to the Edmonton dentist. One of the benefits that implants have over traditional dentures is that your sense of taste is not hindered by the denture covering your soft palate.

It is well-known that your time is responsible for the majority of the tasting out. The smells coming in through your nose as well as the texture of the food on your soft palate and as you chew your food makes a big difference in enjoying what you’re eating.

When you have a dental implant, you can enjoy food as you normally would. You aren’t hindered by any types of foods that you cannot eat, you just have to be sure and take care of your implant as if it was a natural tooth. Implants are much more comfortable and convenient then dentures are.

With dentures, you have to apply different adhesives or creams to help them fit properly. You also have to clean them with denture cleaners and special brushes or soaks to ensure that there are no lingering odours from bacteria living on your denture.

The dental implant you simply care for it just as you would your normal teeth. Brushing and flossing regularly is key to ensuring your implant will last your entire life. There may be instances when a crown can be damaged but it is easily replaceable.

Patients with dental implants don’t have any issues with their speech as opposed to denture wearers. The Edmonton dentist at the tooth doctor has helped many people with implants.


Another great thing about dental implants is that they don’t fall out like dentures do. Over time dentures become loose because of bone loss. This means that you have to go into your doctor to get refit for new dentures.

This can become very expensive over time. When you consider an implant should last your life, it is the recommended choice of your Edmonton dentist at the doctor.

Implants are much more durable than dentures or partials. They are crafted with titanium and porcelain which are very strong substances. When taking care of a dental implant should last you for your entire life. And when you care for your teeth properly, they should never fall out either.

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