Edmonton Dentist | Implants Have Incredible Benefits

“There are incredible benefits to having dental implants” says Dr. Peter Yoo an Edmonton dentist.


One of the many benefits to having a dental implant is that they look more natural than a denture. In fact, and the expert hands of an Edmonton dentist like Dr. Peter Yoo, and a well outfitted dental laboratory, it can be very difficult to tell a difference between a dental implant and a real tooth.

Having natural looking teeth is very beneficial for people in certain social situations. It’s quite easy to spot somebody was wearing a denture in a lot of cases they look so perfect it’s almost unreal.

There is a certain amount of artistry that is involved with creating at dental implant that looks real and natural. If nobody else can tell that you have a fake tooth, then that is the outcome we are looking for.

As opposed to denture wearers, people with implants have improved confidence and eating and interacting with others. All heard the stories of people’s dentures flying of their mouth when they try and blow out the candles of their birthday cake. This can be very embarrassing and may prevent people from going out as often as they would like to.


With a firmly secured dental implant, this is not the case. You’ll be able to speak normally, and eat all the same foods that you always have enjoyed. It is said that people with dentures often lose about 80% of their biting power. This prevents them from eating card foods like vegetables, fruits, and even certain meats.

When you have dental implants, you can eat all the same foods with the same ease as with your normal teeth. This promotes overall wellness and health because your diet can have more nutritional content.

You’ll be stuck eating porridge and mashed potatoes or soups. You can eat steak, raw vegetables, and plenty of delicious fruits.

Another thing about eating when you have dentures is your sense of taste is hindered. Full dentures on the top cover your soft palate which hinders your ability to taste foods properly.

It is true that your tongue is responsible for most of the tasting, but your soft palate, your nasal passages, and the sensation of chewing food with your teeth all go to the overall enjoyment of your favourite foods.

If you have missing teeth, or ill-fitting dentures and dental appliances, you need to speak with an Edmonton dentist at the tooth doctor for a free no obligation consultation. You’ll be able to ask all the questions you have concerning dental implants, how long it takes to implants to heal, other questions. Dr. Peter you will be glad to address any of your concerns and provide you pricing and payment plans to suit your needs and budget.

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Edmonton dentist | Implants or Dentures?

Dental implants are quickly becoming the preferred choice of dentists over dentures especially your Edmonton dentist Dr. Peter you.

According to numbers from high data research around 90,000 dental implant procedures were performed in 2005, with a promising growth rate of 14.2%. It is estimated that the numbers can reach 200,000 within a decade depending on the market and the needs of dental patients.

The reasons that a person might choose to get a dental implant are missing teeth or improperly fitting dentures. In either case a dental implant is a great choice. When you speak with an Edmonton dentist like Dr. Peter Yoo, they’ll answer any questions that you might have concerning dental implant surgery, along the process takes, and the cost associated with a dental implant.

The best way for someone to care for their dental implant is to brush and floss just as you would your normal teeth. It might be good to use an electric toothbrush as it has been shown to clean teeth more effectively than manual brushing. Another tool that you might consider is a water flosser to help clean between teeth and at the gumline.

It’s important for you to maintain excellent oral health as an implant can still fall prey to bacterial growth around the bone that can result in and falling out. The teeth surrounding your implant must be cared for maintain so that any bacterial growth on them, doesn’t affect the area surrounding your implant.


By properly maintaining your implant, you can expect to last the rest of your life. You may get a chip in the crown but that is repairable, or easily replaced. When it comes to dentures or partials, they often need to be replaced and or repaired

Considering the cost over time, dental implants are much more economical way to fix a missing tooth the problem.

If you have improperly fitting dentures, dental implants can help secure them in place so you can eat foods and speak with confidence. You can reach out to Dr. Peter Yoo, a dentist in Edmonton, with your dental implant needs.

Sticky pastes and adhesives are very annoying for denture wearers, but there necessary due to the bone loss associated with dentures. As bone shrinks your dentures become looser and looser. This makes it difficult to speak into eat foods properly. Who can get trapped behind the denture causing irritation.

With your dentures being secured by dental implants, you can eat harder foods like raw vegetables and fruits with less trepidation.

Call the tooth doctor today at 780-758-6684 and schedule a no obligation consultation to see if a dental implant is right for you. Dr. Peter Yoo or one of our other dentist will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have concerning dental implants.

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