Edmonton Dentist | Dental Implants Preferred To Dentures

Talk to us about free consultation at your Edmonton dentist, the tooth doctor. We’ll be more than happy to take the time to explain all about dental implants and their benefits to you.


Whether you have missing teeth, partial dentures, or full dentures we have a solution to help you. Dental implants are very popular, and the preferred choice of many dentists including the tooth doctor, an Edmonton dentist.

Dr. Peter Yoo says “my goal for our patients is to provide a practical and conservative approach for long-lasting dental health. We strive to save as many teeth as possible, for as long as possible, for as cheap as possible.”

What is a dental implant? A dental implant is the titanium screw that is placed into the jaw where a tooth used to be. It is then fitted with a porcelain crown that looks identical to a real tooth. In fact, it is very difficult to tell the difference between a real tooth and in implant.

When you employ the services of an Edmonton dentist like the tooth doctor, you can expect amazing results with the fit and finish of your dental implant. You will enjoy many years of confidence and enjoyment from having a dental implant rather than a missing tooth.

When people have dentures they lose bone density which causes the dentures to not fit properly. This affects a person’s ability to speak, and shoe foods properly. In certain social situations this can be very detrimental to somebodies well-being.


With improperly fitting dentures, people often have to go into the dentist and get fit for a new set of dentures. The alternative however, is to get dental implants placed so that your dentures will be solid and secure.

By having a secure footing for your dentures, you can eat foods and speak with confidence. This is very beneficial in something that wasn’t available in the past.

Of course in the event of a single missing tooth or a couple of missing teeth, a dental implant is the preferred choice. In implant provides a solid foundation and supports the surrounding teeth. This is very important to maintaining excellent oral health.

Just as there is bone loss when someone is using indenture, there is bone loss that is associated with missing teeth. Teeth can shift out of their normal position, and the bone density is affected causing issues with your bite.

When you’ve got any kind of problems with your mouth and teeth, it affects your whole body. That’s why you need to speak with Dr. Peter Yoo for a free consultation and learn more about getting a dental implant.

It cost you nothing to ask questions of one of our dentists at the tooth doctor. More than happy to help answer any questions and alleviate any fears that you might have concerning a dental implant surgery. Simply call us at 780-758-6684 or click on the book today button and fill out the contact form.

Edmonton dentist | should I get dentures?

There are drastic differences between dentures and dental implants, just ask an Edmonton dentist at the tooth doctor.

In some cases, full dentures are necessary, but you don’t have to suffer with improperly fitting dentures. A dental implant can help give you a solid and secure footing for your dentures.

The ability to eat hard foods like vegetables is very important to your overall health. Dr. Peter Yoo an Edmonton dentist is very concerned with the patient’s overall health, not just their oral health.

The tooth doctor says “my goal for our patients is to provide a practical and conservative approach for long-lasting dental health. We strive to save as many teeth as possible, for as long as possible, for as cheap as possible.”

Dental implants are very durable in comparison to dentures and partials. They’re made of titanium and porcelain which are very hard substances which are impervious to decay and rest.


Dentures, bridges, and partial dentures often have to be repaired or replaced entirely. This increases the overall cost to the wearer. Considering a dental implant can last you your entire life, with proper care, the overall cost is merely pennies per day.

It’s important to maintain proper oral care when you have a dental implant. I cannot ignore the dental implant as the bone that supporting the screw is dependent on being healthy. Proper brushing and flossing is essential to maintaining your dental implant, and the surrounding teeth.

If you maintain proper schedule of brushing and flossing, and regular dental checkups, you should expect your dental implant last you throughout your lifetime. There are instances where crown will become chipped or broken, but it is easily replaceable.

One of the benefits of having a dental implant is improved speech. If you have missing teeth, or you have dentures, your speech can sometimes be hindered.

You can hear the tell-tale whistle of people with dentures, and with missing teeth placement of the tongue and lips can be awkward and make speech difficult.

Think about the song all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. You’ll quickly understand what we are describing when we say missing teeth can affect your speech.

Implants also help with bone development. Pressure from biting and chewing stimulates when you are missing teeth, or you wear denture you will notice a reduction in bone mass.

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The doctor will examine your mouth quickly to see where you have issues, and determine a proper path towards fixing any problems you might have. Also provide you with an estimate and pricing plan.