Edmonton Dentist | Is A Dental Implant Right For You?

If you’ve never considered getting a dental implant, contact an Edmonton dentist at the tooth doctor for a free, no obligation consultation. We always looking for new and innovative ways to help patients improve their oral health, as well as their overall health.


Dr. Peter Yoo from the tooth doctor says “my goal for our patients is to provide a practical and conservative approach long-lasting dental health. We strive to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible.”

There are several reasons why someone should consider speaking to an Edmonton dentist to inquire about dental implants. First reason why someone would want to consider getting a dental implant is that they look more natural than a denture.

In fact, when compared with natural teeth, it can be very difficult to distinguish between an implant in a person’s real tooth. This very important for people to have a full set of teeth so that their overall health is not diminished in any way.

When teeth are missing, there is bone loss and other complications associated with missing teeth. That’s why it’s always a great idea to replace that missing tooth as soon as possible. When people have missing teeth they often have reduced confidence when speaking with other people. This is especially true in the event of a missing front tooth.

Dental implant can help you maintain your smile as well as maintain your ability to eat and speak properly. Regarding the difference between having dentures will implant, there’s more comfort and convenience associated with dental implant.


With dentures, there is an additional amount of cleaning that’s involved with dentures that you don’t have with an implant.

You have to have special cleaners, brushes to ensure that you don’t have a buildup of bacteria and plaque that can affect any other teeth your mouth. There are odours and other issues that denture wearers have to keep on top.

With dental implants you can brush and floss your teeth as you normally would your normal teeth you have to ensure that you maintain proper oral health so that your implant will last your entire life.

When you get an implant from an Edmonton dentist, you will find that the lifetime cost of an implant is much lower than that of dentures or partials. With dentures and partials, you often have to replace them because 10 not to fit as well as time, or they get broken or lost. Because implants are permanently affixed in your mouth, they do not fallout get lost.

Implants can get damaged, in which case you would need to get the crown repaired or replaced. Overall, the cost of an implant or time is drastically lower than having dentures or partial dentures.

Contact the tooth doctor, Dr. Peter Yoo for a free consultation to see how you can benefit from dental implant surgery with a forward to seeing you in our office.

Edmonton dentist | why a dental implant is right for you

As an Edmonton dentist, Dr. Peter Yoo is concerned with the overall health of the patient, not just their smile. Learn more about how the tooth doctor helps patients achieve better smile and maintain their overall health, contact us for a free consultation. You can reach out to us at 707586684 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Peter Yoo or one of our other dentists.

A good reason to consider getting a dental implant over a denture or partial, is ongoing bone development. As we bite down on foods and chew, there is pressure that is applied on her teeth and into our jawbone. When you have a denture, you lose about 80% of your biting power thus, reducing that ongoing stimulation of the jaw bone.

Because you don’t have the same amount of biting power, you will lose bone. This is what causes dentures to become loose over time. Dentures become loose they need to be refit, or replaced altogether.

This is not the case with a dental implant. Even if you have dentures, you can benefit from having dental implants. Dental implants can dentures fit snugly and securely without any adhesives or sticky pastes. You will not have to rely solely on suction and holding dentures in your mouth your tongue your cheeks.

This makes speaking and interacting with others much more comfortable. Another amazing benefit to having strong and stable teeth and an increased height strength, is the ability to eat foods like apples and raw vegetables.

The ability to eat healthier foods will help you to maintain a vibrant and healthy diet. Many people who have dentures and partials avoid certain foods because they simply cannot chew them as well.


Having dentures also affects to taste things by covering up your soft palate. Your tongue is responsible for most of your tasting, but your soft palate your nose and other parts of your mouth are responsible for tasting and enjoying the textures of foods.

If you’re looking for an Edmonton dentist to help you with a dental implant, you should consider calling the tooth doctor at 780-758-6684 and speaking with one of our dentists. We will provide you with no obligation consultation, where will describe all of the ins and outs of the dental implant procedure as well as pricing and payment options.

Dr. Yoo is an Edmonton dentist who enjoys helping patients improve their lives with dental implants. The tooth doctor is concerned with the overall health of the patient not just their smile. There are more things to consider then cavities when thinking about oral health. Missing teeth are a big issue and you should get it addressed as soon as possible.

Contact the tooth doctor at 780-758-6684 and schedule a one-on-one consultation with a dentist. Will be glad to answer any questions that you have concerning missing teeth, dentures, or dental implant surgery. Don’t wait to enjoy a wonderful smile.