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Ellerslie Dental: When Is Extraction Necessary

    Maintaining good dental health is very important. One can suffer from various dental emergencies if the oral health is ignored. There is a chance that you may suffer from a severe cavity, tooth decay or other dental issues. According to Ellerslie dental clinics, neglecting these dental problems for a longer period of time can result in the tooth extraction.

    In dental extraction process, teeth are removed from the dental alveolus in the alveolar bone. There are several reasons for which you may need to undergo tooth extraction treatment. Here are some reasons you need to extract your tooth.

    Severe Infection

    When the bacteria reach the tooth’s center – the pulp, there are chances that it will attack the pulp. This will cause infection in your tooth. Once the infection gets severe, there are chances of tooth decay and cavity. Your dentist will first try to treat it with medications and treatment like the root canal procedures. If the tooth is still not treated, you might need to get it extracted. A regular check-up at Ellerslie dental clinic can prevent your teeth from infections, decays, and cavities.

    Tooth Crowding

    There are times when some people have extra teeth that result in misaligned teeth. It also creates overcrowding. This results in pressure on the jaw bone leading to various other jaw problems. Hence, getting the extra teeth removed prevents jaw pain and also allows you to maintain good oral health.

    Large Cavities

    When a cavity gets too big and affects the roots, or the cavity goes too deep that the dentist can not fix the tooth with a filling or crown, the usual option is to extract the tooth.

    Loose Tooth

    Periodontal disease is a major cause of loose tooth, but there can be many other reasons too. Hormonal changes due to pregnancy, osteoporosis, and sudden traumatic injury can make your tooth loose. One needs to get the tooth removed and get it replaced with a new one through a dental implant.

    Problematic Wisdom Tooth

    Wisdom teeth are adult molars that grow in late teens or early 20s. They can be very painful if the direction in which they grow is wrong. There may be chances that the tooth itself is infected or the wisdom tooth itself might put pressure on the neighboring tooth. In such cases, getting it extracted is a better option. Your dentist will get an X-ray of your tooth to understand the position of your wisdom tooth. Based on the results, the extraction procedure is carried out.

    Our goal is to keep as many teeth as possible.  Someone once told me- as we get older, one day we may not be able to play the activities we enjoy; one day we may not be able to travel; one day we may not be able to drive ourselves to places; But, the one thing we can do is eat (so depends if you want a juicy Alberta steak or “mush”).  With good dental health, we can avoid dentures, implants or other major or costly dental procedures.

    If you are suffering from any of the above problems. visit the Ellerslie dental clinic and get a proper check-up of your oral problems. To learn more about tooth extraction and other dental procedures, visit an Ellerslie dental clinic today,