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Even though a recent healthcare study has shown Ellerslie dentist. That 75% of Canadians have seen and dentist in the past year.

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But that healthcare study does not show. Is the percentage of people who see their dentist every single year. And see their dentist twice in every year. To maintain good oral health.

The reason why it is recommended for people to have an appointment with their dentist twice a year. Is so that not only can they get an annual checkup. Which is important to fix problems.

Or to ensure that they have no problems that are putting their oral health at risk. But also, it is very important that people get their teeth cleaned this often.

To get the tartar buildup from underneath their gum line. That actually causes gingivitis. In fact, even though 75% of Canadians have been to the dentist in the last year.

75% of Canadian adults also have gingivitis. And this is not because Canadians do not have a good oral health care routine. But because no matter how much brushing people do.

They are not able to get the tartar buildup from underneath their gum line. Which is what causes gingivitis in the first place. But also, people can end up with a genetic predisposition to gingivitis.

And the matter how hard they try to avoid developing this oral disease. The only way that they are going to be able to significantly reduce their chances of developing it.

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Would be to see their Ellerslie dentist twice a year. For professional cleaning. At the same time, people can also ask their dentist. How often their children need to come as well.

And the same as adults, dentists will want to see their child twice a year. Once for their annual exam and dental x-rays. And then to give a cleaning. And then a second time, six months later. To give another cleaning.

Getting children into this habit early. Can ensure that they are starting off their oral health on the right foot. And they will be less likely to develop problems in the future.

The next thing that people want to ask their dentist. Is at what age should their child be for their first dental visits. Because many people make a wide variety of assumptions.

Such as getting their child to the dentist when they get their first tooth. However, since some children are born with teeth. This is not the best solution. Because they are not going to be able to do much with the child this point.

And other parents think that they need to get their child to the dentist by school age. However, by this point children are already developing adult teeth. And this is often too late to prevent problems.

Therefore, the general rule of thumb that Ellerslie dentist uses. Is by the time the child is a year old. As long as they have at least one tooth. And can open their mouth on command. They should visit their dentist.

When people are caring for the teeth of their entire family. They not only need to ensure that they brush regularly. But have two visits every year with their dentist.

Ellerslie Dentist | Annual Dental Appointments

Even though people may not want to see their Ellerslie dentist twice a year. They should get into the habit, because if they see their dentist this often. They will not have to see their dentist in order to correct problems.

One of the ways that people can ensure that they are not developing problems. Is by getting dental x-rays when they visit their dentist.

While many people are very nervous about getting dental x-rays. The nervousness is partially for the radiation that they know x-rays give off.

However, there is not any reason to be nervous. For many different reasons. The first reason why people should not be nervous.

Is because dentists across Canada now use digital x-rays. Which have an incredibly low amount of radiation. And in fact, if someone is exposed to one hundred dental x-rays.

They will be exposed to less radiation. Then on the flight from Vancouver to Edmonton. So they should not worry about radiation exposure.

But taking these dental x-rays will help minimize problems later. Including cavities, problems with wisdom teeth. As well as to see if teeth are starting to shift.

And in children, dentists can look to see if they are missing any adult teeth. And when those teeth are likely going to start a erupting. Because if the teeth show up sooner.

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Parents should be aware of helping their child brush their teeth properly. Because while the first adult teeth show up at the age of six. If they show up earlier, such as at the age of four years old.

They may not have the skills to brush their teeth properly yet. The x-rays can also be good for checking for overcrowding, cavities. As well as a wide variety of other dental issues.

Another reason why people should be going to their dentist twice a year. Is because it is an important way to ensure that they are not developing problems.

Such as over brushing their teeth, resulting in damaged gums. Many people use a hard bristled brush to brush their teeth. Despite the fact that dentists recommend against doing this.

And problems of over brushing their teeth can lead to root exposure from receding gums. As well as damaging the gums to the point of needing a skin graft.

And when their roots are exposed from receding gum lines. Ellerslie dentist says they can end up with overly sensitive teeth as well.

Regular dental visits are an important part of oral health. And if people want to ensure that they are healthy inside and out. They should get themselves to an Ellerslie dentist regularly.

By scheduling their first visit, and getting an examination as well as a cleaning. And then setting up ending a cleaning every six months. Can be incredibly beneficial.