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Despite the fact that 75% of all Canadians have visited a dentist in the last year, Ellerslie dentist still has a lot of people wanting to ask questions. Because they are nervous about visiting and dentist.

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There are many reasons why people are nervous about visiting the dentist. But they need to know that it is part of their overall health. As well as important in order to maintain good oral health as well.

And while the best way to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis is through good oral hygiene. By brushing twice a day, flossing and using mouthwash.

People also need to visit their dentist twice a year, for cleaning. Because that is an important way to prevent gingivitis. Because no matter how good a patient can brush their teeth.

The tools that they use can do a better job of eliminating tartar buildup. That can contribute to this disease. Thing that they need to do, is follow all the recommendations that their dentist or hygienist gives them.

Because while 75% of all people have visited the dentist in the last year. 75% of all adults also all have gingivitis. Which can be very difficult to overcome. As well as is painful.

Speaking of painful, many people wonder why their teeth are sensitive. And want to know how that can be fixed. And Ellerslie dentist says this point the right back to gingivitis.

Because gingivitis can cause tooth sensitivity. In addition to gingivitis, there are other issues that can cause sensitivity in the tooth. Including root exposure, writing their teeth at night.

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As well as if people have receding gums. Either from gingivitis, brushing their teeth too hard, and even if there tooth enamel is to scan. Which is a genetic condition.

This is also another good reason why people go to Ellerslie dentist. Is because they can get some treatments that can help protect their teeth against sensitivity.

It is also very important that people have sensitive teeth are using the best kind of toothpaste. And the best to waste for sensitive teeth, as recommended by the dentist is Sensodyne.

However, if using Sensodyne is not enough. They can use at desensitizing material. That they put on the teeth, and leave to minutes. And then patient needs to avoid brushing for twenty-four hours.

And that can reduce sensitivity for several months. But if people are looking for a more permanent solution. There dentist can do some bonding, especially on an exposed roots. Which is a permanent solution.

Another question that they often have for their dentist. Is should they use mouthwash regularly? This is incredibly important. Especially for adults. To use mouthwash twice a day.

As long as the mouthwashes alcohol free. And they do it after they brush their teeth. The reason why is because mouthwash will go everywhere, between their teeth.

And kill bacteria on their soft surfaces, such as their tongue and gum Which can help eliminate cavities, and prevent gingivitis. If patients have any more questions for their dentist. They should make an appointment, and ask the dentist or the hygienist in person.

Ellerslie Dentist | Common Dental Questions

There are many things that people want to ask their Ellerslie dentist. To help them feel comfortable with visiting as often as they need to.

Dentists recommend that patients visit once a year for a checkup. Twice a year in order to get their teeth cleaned. However, there many other reasons for people to visit dentists.

For example, if a person ends up a dental implant. Or losing at tooth. They may want to know a bit more information about implants from their dentist.

First thing that people need to understand. Is that replacing their teeth with implants. Is the gold standard for placing teeth.

And the reason why, is because it is a permanent solution. That acts and feels just like their real teeth. In a way that bridges, and dentures are never able to do.

Therefore, if people needs to place at tooth, should talk to their Ellerslie dentist about dental implants. Especially when they realize that it is going to cost around the same amount as a dental bridge.

They are going to want to end up with a solution that looks, feels, and act just like their regular teeth. And the sooner they find this out, the more like there dentists going to have at placing a tooth quickly.

Another reason people want to talk to their Ellerslie dentist. Is to find out when their child’s worst dentists visit should be. While a common rule of thumb is often by the time their child has their first tooth.

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However, this is not always beneficial. Because often, the child’s worst tooth can show up by the time they are even two or three months old. Which is far too young.

Therefore, Ellerslie dentist typically recommends. That by one year of age. As long as the child has one tooth. And can open their mouth when they are asked to.

Another question that parents have about their children’s teeth. Is at what age can they expect their children’s baby teeth start falling out? And while there is a very wide range.

The dentist advises that people should start to be paired for adult teeth to grow in around six years of age. And by age 12, on their adult teeth should appear.

However, it is very important that parents bring their child to the dentist early. Because they will be able to do some x-rays. That will help dentist anticipate when it is most likely that those baby teeth will start falling out.

Because if the child starts getting their adult teeth in at three or four years of age. That could create bigger problems. Ensure that bigger problems are not occurring.

People should bring their child into the dentist when there when years old. And then every year after that. In order to help minimize problems. And maintain good oral health for their children.

People have any other questions about their teeth. Or for their dentist. They should set up an appointment, and come into the office. And speak to the friendly staff, who will be happy to help answer all their questions.