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It is important for people to have a healthy oral care routine says Ellerslie dentist. But if part of that routine is not visiting their dentist twice a year. They may be putting their teeth in their smile at risk.

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The reason why, is because they need to have a dental professional ensure that they do not have problems that are starting. They could easily be avoided with preventative care.

Or problems that could have been stopped very quickly and easily. That if they do not visit the dentist. Can become larger problems that not only are costly, but time-consuming to fix.

As well, when people visit their Ellerslie dentist twice a year. They are going to be able to get their teeth cleaned. Which will help prevent problems such as gingivitis and tooth decay.

However, when people are in the habit of visiting their dentist as often as they need. They will start asking questions. That can help them have the winning smile that they have always wanted.

A very common problem that people have. And one of the most common questions that dentists get. Are why are there teeth so sensitive? And while this is a common question.

This is a question that only dentists can answer when they have their patient in front of them. Because one of the most common reasons why people have sensitive teeth. Is because they have gingivitis.

And in fact, 75% of Canadians actually have gingivitis. While many people make the assumption that gingivitis is only caused by people who do not have good oral health care routines.

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This is actually not true. With many people who brush their teeth regularly, as well as loss grants with mouthwash. And of having gingivitis. For a couple of reasons.

One of the reasons is because people end up having a genetic predisposition to gingivitis. And might have amazing teeth, but also have this oral disease.

And another reason why people might have gingivitis. Even though they are brushing their teeth Gil early. Is because they might have tartar and plaque buildup below the gum line.

Which is why it is important to visit their Ellerslie dentist twice a year. To get that cleaned up, and once they eliminate their gingivitis. Their sensitivity is often gone.

However, that is not always the case. And sensitive teeth can because by route being exposed, grinding their teeth at night. And receding gums. As well as brushing their teeth too hard, or enamel that is too thin.

One of the first things that their dentist will recommend. Is a good toothpaste, that contains ingredients to minimize tooth sensitivity, such as Sensodyne.

However, if this does not work. Patients can come back to their dentist in order to find out what other options there are. To eliminate sensitivity, and help them feel their best.

When patients visit their dentist twice a year. Not only will they have healthy teeth. And be able to prevent problems. They will be able to ask all the questions they need, to have their best smile.

Ellerslie Dentist | Dental Questions Patients Have

Even though many parents are visiting their Ellerslie dentist as often as they need. Twice a year, while engaging in a good oral care routine.

They often do not know how often their child should visit the dentist. Or when their child’s first dental visit should be. Often assuming that they should go way earlier or way later than is recommended.

Some parents think that by the time their child has their first tooth, that they should be visiting the dentist. However this is not the case because some children are born with teeth.

And they need to be old enough that they can open their mouth when they are asked. As well as hold their mouth open as long as they need.

Parents also make the assumption that their child does not need to visit the dentist until they are going to school. However this is also not true. Because by that time, their adult teeth will start growing in.

And they may already have problems that could have been prevented with earlier dental visits. Such as adult teeth that are crowding, or adult teeth that are missing.

And they may have already developed poor oral care habits. Or have a predisposition to tooth decay or gingivitis. That are now much more difficult to treat.

This is why Ellerslie dentist recommends seeing children by the time they are a year old. As long as they have at least one tooth in their mouth. That is going to help them significantly.

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They will be able to see if the child needs any special treatment. And when they are old enough, they will get a dental x-ray that can help them understand what is going on with their adult teeth.

Getting children into the habit of visiting the dentist as often as necessary. Can help them develop lifelong oral care habits that will help them stay healthy.

Another question that patients often have for their dentist. Is what is the best way to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis?

A good oral care routine is paramount. And they recommend patients brushing at least twice a day. For two minutes at a time. But ideally, to brush after every time they eat something.

As well, people should rinse their mouth with mouthwash after every time they brush. As well as loss every single day. In order to be able to minimize dental problems as often as they can.

However, this does not mean that people who engage in this kind of oral routine do not have to visit the dentist. They still need checkups, as well as cleanings every year. To help prevent tooth decay and gingivitis.

As well, dentists recommend having healthy diet. Because certain foods can cause problems faster than others. Such as the acid in pop, or the sugar in candy.

When people know what to do on their own to have healthy teeth. But also that it is important to visit their Ellerslie dentist twice a year. They are going to be able to have healthiest teeth. So that they can maintain healthy lifestyle themselves.