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Often, when people are nervous about getting dental work done, they have questions for their Ellerslie dentist. That can help put their mind at ease.

Ellerslie Dentist

And while many people are nervous about visiting the dentist, 74% of Canadians. Have seen a dentist in the last year. According to a dental health survey done.

Any people often want to know, how often they need to come into the dentist’s office for a dental checkup. Because they do not want to have to come more often than is absolutely necessary.

This standard recommendation is that people come in once a year to see their dentist for a checkup. However, they come in every six months to see a hygienist for a dental cleaning.

However, if when people come into the dentists for a checkup. The dentist finds that they have a cavity, or some other problem. They recommend people coming in sooner, such as every six months for a checkup.

The reason why, is because if they have a genetic disposition to cavities. The dentist will want to catch the cavity sooner rather than later. So that the problem does not get worse over time.

In fact, many people are even asking their dentist. Why it is important to get a cleaning every six months. Because they brush their teeth twice a day. And think that they do a very good job.

And even the people who are practicing amazing dental hygiene. By brushing after every time they eat, flossing twice a day. As well as wincing with mouthwash. Need to come in for dental cleanings.

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The reason why says Ellerslie dentist. Is because the tools that they used to clean people’s teeth. Our more thorough, then their own toothbrush at home.

And can help get tartar buildup. Especially tartar buildup that is below the gum line cleaned up. And doing that, can be enough to prevent gingivitis from forming in their mouth.

In fact, even people who do engage in extremely good oral hygiene. Can be at risk for developing gingivitis. Often because perhaps they have a genetic disposition to developing this dental disease.

Or because they are simply not able to get the tartar buildup off. That results in gingivitis from forming. So for great preventative maintenance. Ellerslie dentist recommends coming in every six months that cleaning.

However, they also recommend people avoid eating before bed, and engage in healthy diet. Because sugary and sweet food. As well as pop can be very bad for their teeth. And healthy diets clean important role in good oral health.

The next thing that people often want to know, is why they need to get dental x-rays at all? They often are worried about cost, or they are worried about radiation.

And to address both problems, dentists typically use digital x-rays. Which are less expensive, as well as much lower radiation machines.

In fact, people will be less radiation, and hundred dental x-rays. Then they would flying from Vancouver to Edmonton in an airplane.

Patients have a lot of questions when it comes to going to the dentist. And by making an appointment with their dentist. They can answer all of their questions. As well as get the checkup and cleaning they need. To continue to maintain great oral health.

Ellerslie Dentist | Frequently Asked Dental Questions

While many people see their Ellerslie dentist for their own dental checkups and cleanings. But once they have children, they have a lot of questions that they want to know the answer to.

One of the first questions that parents often have. Especially when the mother is pregnant with their child. Is will getting a dental x-ray be safe, when they are pregnant?

And the answer to that question is yes. Not only will they give people a lead best where while they are getting these dental x-rays done. But the digital x-ray machine that they use, is extremely low radiation.

With people getting exposed to more radiation in their regular life. Then they would by getting one hundred dental x-rays. Therefore, mothers-to-be do not need to worry about radiation from a dentists x-ray.

However, once the mother gives birth. They start to wonder about when they should bring their child in for their first checkup. Some parents think that they need to bring their child in as soon as they show their first two.

While other parents do not think it is necessary to bring their child into the dentist. Until they start erecting adult teeth. And knowing the real answer to this question is very important.

People should bring their child to their dentist. When the child is one years of age. As long as they have at least one tooth in their mouth.

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The reason why they should bring a child younger than that. Is because the child may not be able to open their mouth when they are asked to. Or may unexpectedly close their mouth, or bite down on the dentists hand.

However, they do recommend that brush whatever teeth their child has as early as possible. Using a soft, silicone brush on their babies teeth. And not putting them to bed with a bottle.

Wiping their mouth out with the cloth. Especially after sweet, sticky juice. So that they maintain as good oral health as possible. While waiting for that first visit at their first birthday.

The next question that parents often have for Ellerslie dentist. Is that they want to know what age their child’s baby teeth start out? And they can expect between the age of six and twelve.

However, because their baby teeth can start falling out sooner. This is why Ellerslie dentist recommends seeing the children earlier. And giving them a dental x-ray.

Because the x-rays can help the dentist anticipate when the parents can expect. Their babies teeth are going to start falling out.

Good oral hygiene for parents as well as children is extremely important. And as long as they are talking to their dentist, and finding out the answers to their questions. Can help them see a dentist as often as is needed.