Ellerslie Dentist | Great Oral Care Routine

It is very important that people are taking very good care of their teeth says Ellerslie dentist. Because while there are options on that they can do if people lose their teeth.

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The better thing to do would be for people to eliminate problems. Through a good oral care routine. Including eating the right foods. Taking care of their teeth properly.

And finally, visiting their Ellerslie dentist as often as they need. And ideally, that is twice a year. To ensure their overall oral health.

When people hear about eating and healthy diet. They often think that it is about eating the least amount of calories. Or eating the most nutritious foods.

However, a healthy diet for teeth. Simply means eating foods that are most beneficial for people’s teeth. And avoiding foods that are not too good for their teeth.

And in fact, some incredibly healthy foods are very damaging to people’s teeth. And so dentists are not comfortable telling people to avoid them. And knowing how to eat them safely.

Without doing damage to their teeth is important. One of the first things that people should be aware of. Is that citrus fruits can be incredibly acidic. Including oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruit.

However, if people are going to eat these fruits. Foods that have this fruit in them, or drink their juice. Is very important that they know to rinse their mouth out when they are done eating the food.

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Although many people may be tempted to simply brush their teeth right away. The recommendation is to not do that. Because their enamel can be soft from the acid in the fruits.

And if they brush their teeth, it can end up eroding the enamel away. Which would cause their teeth to be more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities.

Therefore, rinsing their mouth with water is the next best thing. And waiting about an hour before they brush their teeth. By doing this, they can offset any damage they might have done.

Other food to avoid include alcohol and coffee. Because these are incredibly acidic foods. And again, if people cannot avoid drinking these. They should remember to rinse their mouth out with water.

And once they have with their mouth out with water, remember to avoid brushing for at least an hour. Other food that is acidic. Includes candy, bacon, margarine, fried foods and red meat.

Vinegars can also be high in acid. As well as foods high in vinegar. Such as condiments, salad dressing, as well as pickled foods. And again, if people cannot eliminate to these from their diet.

They should ensure that they are rinsing their mouth, and waiting an appropriate time before brushing. Although Ellerslie dentist recommends brushing their teeth as soon after eating as possible.

So it is often a good idea to minimize these foods in their diet. People need to have their teeth for their lifetime. Which is why they should take special care of their teeth, because they only have one set.

Ellerslie Dentist | Great Oral Care Routine

While many people think and oral care routine is how they brush their teeth says Ellerslie dentist. It actually is everything that they do. To ensure good oral health. Including visiting the dentist twice a year.

The reason why they recommend people coming to the dentist to times a year. Is because it will allow them to get their teeth cleaned as often as they need.

During the first appointment of the year. They will meet with their dentist, and have them inspect their teeth. Give them an x-ray. And look for problems such as cavities, overcrowding for example.

At the same time, they will be able to give the patient thorough cleaning. To ensure that they get all of the tartar buildup off of all parts of the patient’s mouth. Including below the gum line.

This is an extremely important way to eliminate the risk of developing gingivitis. Which is one of the most prevail and dental diseases in Canada. With 75% of Canadian adults afflicted with it.

However, this one cleaning is not enough to eliminate gingivitis. Which is why Ellerslie dentist recommends going back in six months for another cleaning.

In between cleanings. Help people brush and take care of their teeth is extremely important. And the recommendation is to brush a minimum of twice a day.

But it is best for people to brush their teeth after every time they eat. Using a soft or medium bristled brush. To avoid damaging their teeth or gums. And a good quality toothpaste.

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People need to brush for about two minutes every time they brush. When they are done brushing, they should floss their teeth, and follow with a mouthwash rinse. Many people want to ask their dentist if mouthwash is necessary.

And it is one of the most important things that people can do. To maintain positive oral health. Because the mouthwash will get rid of all of the bacteria in the rest of the patient’s mouth.

Not just on their teeth. But on their cheeks, the roof of their mouth and their tongue. In fact, if people are not using mouthwash. They are putting their teeth at risk for tooth decay.

Because bacteria from other parts of their mouth. Can end up on their teeth. Where they can cause problems including tooth decay for people.

The type of mouthwash that is most highly recommended by Ellerslie dentist. Is any brand that does not contain alcohol. Because the alcohol can be very damaging as well.

As well, they need to get into the habit of rinsing their wealth with mouthwash twice a day. Which can get difficult to do with the strength of the alcohol. So it should be avoided.

And even though people may be engaged in a positive oral care routine. They may wonder why they still need to go to the dentist. And that is because no matter how good they are at cleaning their teeth.

There never going to be able to get hundred percent of the tartar buildup. And by allowing their dentist to do that. They can ensure they have the healthiest smile around.