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One complaint that many people have when they talk to their Ellerslie dentist. Is that they do not understand whether have to visit the dentist twice a year. If they are brushing their teeth effectively.

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Unfortunately, what many people believe is brushing their teeth effectively. Is not brushing their teeth effectively, or even brushing their teeth enough.

However, even if people are engaging an extremely positive oral care routines. It is not enough. To eliminate all instances of tooth decay, cavities or gingivitis.

However, Ellerslie dentist is more than happy to share what they believe is the best oral care routine. So that people can have as healthy teeth as possible. Before they get to the dentist office.

In addition to having a healthy diet, low in acidic foods. They can end up damaging people’s teeth. The recommendation is for people to brush a minimum of twice a day. But ideally after every time they eat.

The kind of toothbrush that they use is very important. Because often, people use a hard bristled toothbrush. Because they feel like it gets their teeth cleaner. But this can lead to gum erosion.

Or damaging their gums because they are brushing their teeth too hard. That can cause many other dental problems. Including root exposure from the gums receding.

As well as needing to get a skin graft to fix the receding and damaged gums. And sensitivity due to the roots being exposed, because they have over brush their teeth.

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Therefore, people should have a medium or a soft bristled brush. When they brush their teeth, especially if they are going to brushing their teeth after every single food they eat.

The next thing that people should keep in mind. Is that the kind of toothpaste is very important. And get a good quality toothpaste. That says it is good at reducing cavities.

However, if people also have sensitive teeth. Ellerslie dentist recommends Sensodyne toothpaste. Because it is the best toothpaste for eliminating sensitive teeth.

As well, people should be using mouthwash after every time they brush their teeth. The reason why, is because that is the only way to get all of the bacteria out of their mouth.

Including bacteria on their tongue, the roof of their mouth and their cheeks. That could get back onto the teeth, to promote tooth decay and cavities.

The mouthwash that they should get. Should be alcohol free. Especially because they are going to be using it to rinse their mouth twice a day. But this is not the only thing that they should do.

Finally, people should ensure that they are flossing their teeth regularly. To eliminate food as well as tartar buildup between their teeth. That could cause problems such as cavities.

Once they have maintained this oral care routine. They should still come to their dentist for a routine cleaning. Because that is the only way they are going to be able to get the tartar buildup from underneath their gum line.

Which is an important way of ensuring that they can have healthy teeth. And eliminate gingivitis from their life.

Ellerslie Dentist | Is Brushing Enough

Many people may not realize that they should be seeing their Ellerslie dentist twice a year for cleanings. Because they often think that brushing their teeth is enough.

Or that brushing their teeth, plus seeing the dentist once is enough. When this is not the case. The reason why, is because people who have the best oral care routine in the world.

Can still be susceptible to gingivitis as well as tooth decay and cavities. And the reason why, is because brushing alone does not get rid of all of problems.

For example, when people have gingivitis. The cause is when they have tartar buildup underneath their gum line. And while this definitely happens when people are not brushing their teeth.

It is important for people to know. That it is possible to happen even when people are brushing their teeth. People need to go to a dentist in order to have their teeth cleaned with their special implements.

That it underneath their gum line safely. To eliminate that tartar buildup that is responsible for causing cavities. This is the only thing that can get rid of tartar buildup below the gum line.

And one of the important reasons why people needs to go to Ellerslie dentist. However, another reason why people should go to their dentist regularly.

Is because even when they are engaged in the best oral care routine. They still can have a genetic predisposition to dental issues. Such as gingivitis and tooth decay.

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Therefore, no matter how good they are at brushing their teeth. They may still end up getting cavities on a regular basis. Which is why seeing their dentist regularly is so important.

If they only visit their dentist once a year. The dentist could be seen cavities that are almost a year old. Instead of catching them much sooner. When they are easier and quicker to fix.

However, in addition to that. Ellerslie dentist also recommends. That people eat tooth friendly foods. Such as fibers rich fruits and vegetables that help keep their teeth clean.

Chewing a sugarless gum can help keep their teeth clean. As well as cheese, green and black tea. Instead of coffee. Because all of those things are healthy for their teeth.

As well, people should avoid foods that are not good for their teeth. Including that previously mentioned coffee. As well as foods that are high in acid, such as citrus fruits, vinegar, fried foods, and red meat.

And while it is okay to eat these foods. They should rinse their mouth out with water after eating them. And avoid brushing their teeth for at least an hour afterwards.

So that they do not brush away the enamel that has been softened by the acid. This is an extremely important way that people can ensure that they have healthy smiles.

Engaging in a great oral care routine, eating the right foods and avoiding acidic foods. And finally, visiting Ellerslie dentist twice a year for cleaning.