Ellerslie Dentist | Most Frequently Asked Dental Questions

Most Canadians are doing what they can to have as healthy teeth as possible says Ellerslie dentist. With 74% of all Canadians having visited a dentist within the last year.

Ellerslie Dentist

However, it is important for Canadians to know. That it is important to visit the dentist more than just once a year. And what other services their dentist can do. That can help them have healthy smile.

When will most common questions that Ellerslie dentist gets from their patients. Is how can they make their teeth whiter? They often talk to their dentist.

After they have unsuccessfully tried many over-the-counter products. They may have tried different whitening toothpaste, or whitening strips. However, these drugstore products are not effective.

Dentists typically recommend if people are planning on using these products. That they take note of what shade of white their teeth are currently at. So that when they use these products.

They will be able to tell if the products worked. And how much their teeth whitened. However, most people find that they did not have any success at all.

When they visit their Ellerslie dentist, they will often find out about all of the different whitening products. However, the most popular is there home whitening kit.

People believe the dentist office will customize whitening tray. As well as some bleaching solution. And instructions on what to do.

The guarantee that patients will see a result of five shades whiter than their teeth are currently at. And while this is the most popular method. It is also not suitable for all patients.

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The reason why, is because people with sensitive teeth. Are not able to use bleaching solution. Because it will hurt their teeth too much. This does not mean that they do not have other options.

They will also hear about veneers, which can definitely whitened their teeth as white as they want them to be. But it is often a more invasive procedure. Then patients are willing to undergo.

Which is why bonding is the second most popular method to whiten patient’s teeth. What bonding is, is a very thin layer that is added to the top of patient’s teeth.

That can add a layer of white colour, to make their teeth appear whiter. However, patients are cautioned that this is not a permanent solution. That will need to be reapplied every few years.

While people are talking to their dentist about whitening. They often realize that they have very sensitive teeth. Because of that, they may want to know what they can do about making their teeth less sensitive.

And one of the first things that their dentist will recommend. Is regular dental cleanings. Because if they have gingivitis. That can actually cause tooth sensitivity.

Therefore, they will want to get them in regularly, twice a year. And in the meantime they will recommend brushing with toothpaste that can minimize sensitivity such as Sensodyne.

If this does not work however, the dentist will be able to put on a desensitizing material. And by putting it on their teeth, and leaving it for two minutes. As well as cautioning the patient against brushing twenty-four hours.

It can be a temporary solution to overly sensitive teeth. There are many reasons why people should visit their dentist. Getting a checkup and regular cleanings are just some of the reasons why.

Ellerslie Dentist | Most Frequently Asked Dental Questions

Many Canadians are visiting the dentist as often as they need to says Ellerslie dentist. However, they have questions about how often their child should go. As well as when they should start bringing their child to the dentist in the first place.

The rule of thumb that Ellerslie dentist uses on children. Is to have them come in for their first checkup. By the time they are a year old. As long as they have at least one tooth.

And as long as they can open their mouth on command. And keep it open as long as they are asked to. So that the dentist can actually put tools in their mouth, and look around.

Some patients think that their child needs to see the dentist as soon as they have teeth in their mouth to look at. But this is not true. Because some children can be born with teeth.

And there is no benefit to looking at teeth in an infant. However, they will need to talk to the parent before their first exam. So that the parent can be engaging in the proper oral care for their child in the meantime.

Such as avoiding putting their child to bed with a bottle either of milk or juice. And rinsing their child’s mouth out with water. Or by wiping it out with a soft cloth says Ellerslie dentist.

To get out any traces of juice or milk that will cause tooth decay. But also, get their child used to having there tooth brushed. By getting baby tooth brush, with soft silicone bristles.

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Another reason why they need to see the child before they start going to school. Is because they will want to take an x-ray, to ensure that they are not going to be any problems with the child’s adult teeth.

The reason why, is because they might be missing adult teeth. Or the teeth might look like they are going to be crowded. And they will want to ensure that they know what they plan to do.

To deal with the overcrowding. Such as if the child is going to have braces. The sooner the dentist knows this, the more the parent, and the child can prepare.

As well, they will be able to tell been the child is going to start corrupting those adult teeth. Because typically, it will happen between the ages of six and twelve. However, by looking at the x-rays.

Dentists can tell if this is going to happen sooner. Because if it does. The parent will need to ensure that the child is brushing their teeth very well early on.

So that they do not end up having tooth decay in the adult teeth. Because the child is too young to properly care for their adult teeth yet.

Visiting the dentist is incredibly important. Whether people are children, adults or seniors. This is why people should find out all of the answers to their questions. So that they can ensure they have a healthy smile.