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While many Canadians believe that they are maintaining great oral health says Ellerslie dentist. And even 75% of all Canadians have seen a dentist within the last year. There are many other reasons why people may want to visit a dentist.

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Aside from a regular checkup, and cleanings. One of the most common questions that dentists get regarding patient’s teeth. Is how can patients get their teeth whiter.

Often, patients are purchasing over-the-counter products at their pharmacy. In order to get their teeth as white as possible. From whitening toothpaste, and even at home whitening products like strips.

However, these products are rarely as effective as many people think. And a much more effective solution. Is to go visit Ellerslie dentist.

The reason why, is because they have many different ways that they can help people whiten their teeth. From helping them get a professional at home whitening kit. That has been created for them.

That guarantees that they can get their teeth five shades whiter. Then when they first started. However, if people have sensitive teeth. Any of the whitening products are not going to be very tolerable.

However, that does not mean that there are no options for them. One way that people can get their teeth whiter at the dentist. Is by getting veneers put onto their teeth.

And while veneers will definitely make their smile brighter. This is often a much more invasive procedure. Then people are often willing to go through for whiter teeth.

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And for these patients, the dentist can use a bonding material. That can add a layer onto the teeth, that can whiten the teeth. In a way that is less invasive than veneers.

When people come to their dentist for bonding to whiten their teeth. This is something that will need to be refreshed every few years.

Another reason why people visit their dentist for reasons other than checkups and cleanings. Is because they have sensitive teeth. And they want to know what they can do to make their teeth less sensitive.

There are several reasons why people could end up with sensitive teeth. And the first thing that Ellerslie dentist will Jack. Is to see if the patient has gingivitis. Because even if they have a good oral health care routine.

They can still get gingivitis, either due to a genetic predisposition to it. Or because they are not visiting the dentist for cleanings as often as they should.

So when the patient complains about sensitivity. Need to ensure that they are coming to the dentist as often as they need. Because often once they eliminate gingivitis. They will no longer have problems with sensitivity.

Unfortunately, this does not always fix the problem. And dentists typically recommend Sensodyne toothpaste. As a way to desensitize their teeth. If brushing with this for a few weeks is not help.

There sensitivity issues could be due to a root exposure, grinding their teeth at night or even brushing their teeth too hard. And by looking at these issues, the dentist can take care of this problem.

Regularly visiting the dentist is important. But there may be other reasons why people want to visit the dentist other than cleanings and checkups. That can help them have the best oral health possible.

Ellerslie Dentist | Other Dental Services

While the most common reasons for people to visit Ellerslie dentist. Is in order to get their teeth checked, and cleaned. There are several other things that they can get during their visits.

One thing that many people do not think about often are dental x-rays. And this is an important service to get. Because it can help their dentist see there are any problems that are starting to develop.

When they use a dental x-ray in children. It will be able to see if they are missing any of their adult teeth. So that the dentist can create a solution, before the teeth start corrupting.

As well, the dentist is going to be able to see when the adult teeth are likely going to grow in. Because while most children have their teeth start to grow in at the age of six, and are done by the age of twelve.

Some children have teeth that arrived much earlier. As well as much later. And seeing the x-rays can help dentist understand when this is likely to have been. So that they can provide the best care possible.

For example, if a child is going to start getting their adult teeth at the age of four years old. They may want to give them the treatment, that can help strengthen their enamel.

Because they likely have not developed good brushing habits yet. The dentist will also be able to see if it is going to be likely that the child will need braces. So that they can be prepared, as well as prepare the parents.

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And while many people are hesitant about dental x-rays. Because of the radiation that they give off. Ellerslie dentist wants to put patient’s minds at ease.

Because dental x-rays have extremely low levels of radiation. This is partially because dental x-rays are done digitally now across Canada. Which have a much lower radiation than typical x-rays.

And that people will end up with less radiation exposure if they get one hundred dental x-rays. Then they would be exposed to on a standard airplane flight.

And in adults, x-rays are very important to be able to check for cavities. Because they can see cavities much sooner. So that they can take action, and ensure the problem does not get worse.

As well, it will be able to see if their wisdom teeth are starting to cause problems. So that they can work on a solution before it becomes painful For the patient.

There are many reasons why people should be visiting the dentist regularly. And aside from regular cleanings. As well as getting their teeth checked.

They can also ask their Ellerslie dentist all the questions that they have. As well as whiten their teeth, desensitize their teeth. And ensure that they are not developing problems that make it worse later.