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Many people may not understand how to take care of their teeth effectively says Ellerslie dentist. Especially because they do not know they should go to the dentist twice a year.

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In addition to that, they are not brushing their teeth as often as they need to. Or are not using mouthwash. They may not be getting rid of all of the bacteria that causes tooth decay.

And if they are not eating the right food, and top of all of this. They could be causing more harm to their teeth then good. And it is very important for all Canadians to know.

Exactly what they need to do to maintain the best oral health. For not just themselves, but for their family, their children and their parents.

One of the first things that people should do, is ensure that they are brushing their teeth properly. Starting with the right toothbrush. Ensuring that the bristles are not too hard. Because while many people like hard toothbrush.

Because they feel like they can get their teeth cleaner with it. Hard toothbrushes can actually cause more damage. That expose their route, that can cause sensitivity. Or cause them to brush their enamel away.

By using a medium or soft bristled brush. The recommendation is to brush after every time they eat. Or a minimum of twice a day. And brush for at least two minutes at a time.

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They should follow this up with mouthwash, because it will allow them to get rid of all of the rest of the bacteria in their mouth. Such as on their cheeks, their tongue and the roof of their mouth.

The reason why this is so important. Is because when people do not use mouthwash. Bacteria can get from those soft surfaces of their mouth onto their teeth. Where they can cause tooth decay.

If people do not use mouthwash before bed especially. What can end up happening. Is that the bacteria from their mouth ends up on their teeth.

And through the course of the night, significantly causes the starting of tooth decay or cavities. Therefore, it is very important for people to understand. That they should brush their teeth properly.

In addition to that, Ellerslie dentist recommends flossing their teeth. To get rid of not just the food particles that can cause cavities. It also get rid of tartar buildup.

Because it is difficult or impossible to brush and between their teeth. However, while this is the best way to brush their teeth. People also needs to ensure that they are going to their Ellerslie dentist often enough as well.

And that means going twice a year. Once for a dental checkup and cleaning. And then in another six months for cleaning. Because this will allow them to get rid of tartar buildup below the gum line.

That actually is the cause of gingivitis. And since 75% of all Canadians have this dental disease. Knowing what they can do to eliminate it from their life is extremely important.

Ellerslie Dentist | Proper Dental Care

Many people believe that proper dental care simply means of brushing their teeth, and going to the dentist when they are in pain says Ellerslie dentist. But this actually is not an effective strategy for maintaining oral health.

Instead, people need to understand why it is important they should go to their Ellerslie dentist regularly, which is at least twice a year.

The first reason why, is because it is very important for dentists to conduct an annual exam. And look for problems such as receding gums, tooth decay or cavities.

And to ask questions such as if their teeth are sensitive, or if they have any problems. They will also be able to do an x-ray, that can help them troubleshoot any problems.

Or see if there are warning signs that something is going to have been. And can allow the dentist to fix it before it creates a problem.

However, during the first examination of the year. The dentist will also perform a cleaning. Which is extremely important. Even if people have extremely good brushing habits.

And the reason why, is because they will be able to get tartar buildup. Off of services that people have a hard time reaching. Such as below the gum line, in the back of their mouth. And in between their teeth.

By doing this, they not only can eliminate their risk of developing gingivitis. It will also eliminate the risk of having tooth decay, or cavities. And this is very important for overall oral health.

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They also will be able to ask their dentist important questions. Such as is important if they use mouthwash regularly. Or what is the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

And while many adults understand that they need to visit their dentist this often. They are not sure how often their child needs to visit Ellerslie dentist. Or when their child should start visiting.

While some people think they should take their child to the dentist the moment their child has its first tooth. However, since some children are born with teeth this is not an effective plan.

The rule of thumb that Ellerslie dentist uses. Is when the child is a year old, they will be able to open their mouth on command. As well as keep it open as long as they are required.

And as long as they have their first tooth by then. That is a great time to bring children to the dentist for their first visit. However, parents in the meantime.

Should understand what they should do to have their children have the healthiest teeth possible. Even before they start brushing their teeth.

The first thing that they should do, is wipe their child’s mouth out with a soft, damp cloth. So that they can eliminate bacteria that can cause tooth decay. And wipe the child’s tooth as well.

But also introduce a soft bristled silicone brush. That can get the child used to having their teeth brushed. Even though they do not need to worry about adding toothpaste yet.

By understanding how often people need to go see their dentist. Can ensure that an entire family has the best oral hygiene possible.