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Going to the dentist can be very nerve-racking admits Ellerslie dentist. And that is why they try and make the experience as pleasant as possible. Often allowing patients to ask whatever questions they need to feel comfortable.

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And while the experience is never usually stressful or traumatic. Often, people are so nervous about going to the dentist. Even having a regular checkups or cleaning can be difficult.

Which is why when people are there. They encourage everyone asking as many questions as they want. One of the most common questions that they get from patients.

Is what can they do to whiten their teeth. The reason why this is such a common question. Is because many people are concerned about their image.

Therefore, they may have already tried over-the-counter whitening products such as toothpaste, or whitening strips. However, not only is that ineffective.

As many patients may have found out, that even after using those products for several weeks or longer. That their teeth do not actually look any whiter.

But it can waste their money, because after they have spent several months trying these products. They could have paid for whitening products from their dentist only once. Which would be guaranteed to whiten their teeth.

What they can get from their Ellerslie dentist when they want whiter teeth. Is a customized whitening tray. And some bleaching solution. To allow people to whiten their teeth at home.

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However, while this is guaranteed to whiten their teeth what by five shades. People who have sensitive teeth are not going to be able to use this. Because of the pain it causes them.

Therefore, they might want to talk to their dentist about other solutions. Such as getting veneers put on their teeth. That can definitely whiten their teeth significantly. However, is often a two invasive procedure for most.

The next thing that they can talk to their Ellerslie dentist about. Is a bonding process. That adds a thin layer of material to a patient’s teeth. That whitens the teeth.

And while this is effective, and less invasive than the veneers. It is not permanent. And requires to be redone after every few years. However, it is also very effective.

Another question that people often ask of their dentist. Is how often do they need to come in for a checkup? Ideally, people will come into their dentist every six months for cleaning.

And at one of those cleanings, their dentist can actually do the examination. Looking for cavities, taking x-rays. And minimizing other problems that they see in the process.

And it is important that people are getting an annual checkup. Because if the only time they come into their dentist. Is because they have pain or discomfort. The problem is already much larger than it should be.

And it can end up being not only more time intensive to fix. But also more expensive as well. Therefore, people should ensure that they are coming to their dentist regularly. To be able to take care of their teeth. And ask all the questions that they need.

Ellerslie Dentist | Questions Dental Patients Have

It is very important for patients to go to their Ellerslie dentist. Not only’s that they can get their teeth cleaned. But to get annual checkup done. Because it can help prevent problems.

And once patients are in the habit of going to their dentist regularly. They may find that more and more, they have questions that they want answers to.

A very common question that their dentist gets frequently. Is how can they stop their teeth from being so sensitive? This is an extremely popular question.

And the reason why, is because a large percentage of Canadians have sensitive teeth. But the answer might be very surprising.

While 75% of Canadian adults have gingivitis. Gingivitis can also cause people to have sensitive teeth. So this is often one of the first things that their dentist will look for.

Therefore, their dentist will look to see if they have gingivitis. Either due to not brushing. But more likely because they have a genetic predisposition to gingivitis, or because they have tartar buildup below the gum line.

Therefore, their dentist will most likely have them come in for a routine cleaning. And then continue to schedule them in for cleaning. So that they can eliminate the reason why they have gingivitis.

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And that is often enough to eliminate the sensitivity problems that they are having. However, if the tooth sensitivity that they have persists.

The next thing that their Ellerslie dentist will do. Is tell them to use Sensodyne toothpaste. Because it is very effective at minimizing sensitivity.

However, this also might not be enough to eliminate a person’s sensitivity. Which is why the next thing that the dentist will look for. Is root exposure. Either by having receding gums. Or if their gums are damaged.

The damage could come from brushing their teeth too hard. But ultimately, when people have the roots of their teeth exposed. That can cause pain. As well as a higher risk of cavities.

Because the enamel on the route is much less build up than the enamel on the rest of the teeth. Therefore, this exposed roots can cause a lot of problems. Which is why people often have sensitive teeth.

Another question that people often have for their Ellerslie dentist is if they should use mouthwash regularly? Many people are not convinced that mouthwash is effective.

However, not only is it effective. But Ellerslie dentist recommends people use it twice a day. Because it is so effective at killing all of the bacteria on the soft parts of their mouth.

Such as their cheeks, tongue and the roof their mouth. That are responsible for causing tooth decay. Therefore, if all they do is brush their teeth, and then go to bed. The bacteria from the food they ate can end up back on their teeth. And help because a cavity, which is why people should use mouthwash.