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While many Canadians understand that they should visit the dentist for checkups and cleanings says Ellerslie dentist. They often do not know how often they should do this. Or what other reasons they might have for visiting the dentist.

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The first thing that Canadians should understand. Is that while they know they need to visit the dentist yearly. With 74% of all Canadians visiting the dentist with the last year. According to a health survey.

Visiting just once a year is not enough. To have good oral health. So it is important to visit twice a year. For an annual checkup, that dentists can look at their teeth.

To ensure that they are as healthy as they need to be. And twice, before cleaning, because this can help minimize or eliminate problems before they start.

They can schedule their cleaning to coincide with the checkup. And only visit the dentist twice a year. But why these cleanings are so important twice a year. Instead of just once.

Is because they have different tools to use on their teeth. That can eliminate tartar buildup, that not only can cause tooth decay. That can cause gingivitis.

Especially as tartar buildup can have been very easily below the gum line. And no matter how good people are brushing their teeth. They will not be able to get all of the plaque and tartar below the gum line.

Which is why dentists recommend coming in twice a year. So that they can eliminate all the tartar and plaque. That will cause them problems in the future if they do not eliminate.

However, it is important. That if every time a patient comes in. The dentist is finding a cavity. They will recommend coming in for a checkup twice a year instead.

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To minimize the work they have to do on those cavities. And ensure that they catch them before they are larger. And even though people may have extremely good oral health care routines.

They may have a genetic predisposition to cavities, or even gingivitis. She is why it is so important for people to visit their dentist twice a year.

However, people also need to ensure that they are engaging in an extremely effective oral care routine when they are at home. And this goes beyond just brushing twice a day.

Ellerslie dentist recommends people brush a minimum of twice a day. But ideally, they will brush their teeth after every time they eat. As well as rinsing their mouth with mouthwash.

In addition to rinsing with mouthwash, and brushing. Ellerslie dentist wants to remind patients to floss their teeth as well. To ensure that all areas of their mouth are as bacteria free as possible.

When they engage in this kind of oral care routine. As well as a healthy diet. That stays away from food that promotes tooth decay and cavities. Such as acidic food like pop, and sugary foods.

They will be able to have extremely healthy teeth. So that when they get to the dentist twice a year. The dentists will not have a lot to do, in order to help ensure that patients mouths are as healthy as possible.

While many people do not like visiting the dentist for many reasons. By visiting the dentist regularly. They can ensure that problems are not forming, that will be much more difficult to deal with later on.

Ellerslie Dentist | Reasons to Visit the Dentist

If people are not visiting the dentist regularly, such as twice a year says Ellerslie dentist. They may be suffering from problems, that are going to become much more difficult to deal with. Then if they visited the dentist sooner.

However, it is also very important that people are engaging in good oral care routines. Such as brushing their teeth twice a day. As well as rinsing their mouth with mouthwash.

They should get a non-alcoholic mouthwash, and it is recommended that people rinse their mouth. After every single time they brush. Because the mouthwash will be able to get into all of the different areas of their mouth.

That there toothbrush cannot, such as in between and at the back of their teeth. But also, the mouthwash will kill bacteria on the tongue, on the cheeks, and the gums.

And the bacteria that is on the soft surfaces of their mouth. Can actually cause tooth decay over time. Which is why mouthwash is very important to work into their oral care routine.

And the last thing that people should do, is floss their teeth every day. And if people have a hard time flossing. Or they do not like to, dentists recommend using floss pick.

That can help them floss their teeth quicker and easier as well. However, even if they have extremely good oral care routines. They still might have tartar buildup in places that are more difficult to reach.

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Especially below the gum line, which is where gingivitis starts. So they need to ensure that they are coming not just for a checkup. But a cleaning as well.

However, even beyond getting their teeth cleaned and checked. There are many other reasons for people to visit their Ellerslie dentist.

One reason is because they may want to make their teeth whiter. And another reason is because they may want to address the fact that their teeth are very sensitive.

Ellerslie dentist can make patient’s teeth whiter through several different processes. But not all processes are recommended for all patients.

Such as whitening solution, that contains bleach. Is not recommended for people with sensitive teeth. And if people have sensitive teeth as one of the problems they would like to solve.

The dentist is going to want to inspect their mouth first. To find out what is potentially the cause of their sensitive teeth. Because gingivitis can cause tooth sensitivity.

Therefore, the best thing for people who have questions, or dental concerns should do. Is contact their Ellerslie dentist for an appointment. So that they can get the right answers to their questions quickly.