Ellerslie Dentist | Should Everyone Visit the Dentist

It is not just important for everyone to visit the dentist occasionally says Ellerslie dentist. It is important that everyone visits the dentist as often as is required. Which is ideally, twice a year.

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The first visit is for people to allow their dentist to look at their teeth. In order to determine if they are healthy. And if there are any problems that they need to fix. Such as cavities that need to be filled.

Or if they discover something in the x-rays that needs attention. At the same time, the dentist or the dental hygienist will then clean the patient’s teeth.

Because this is an important way of ensuring patients do not develop gingivitis. Or get tooth decay, that can cause a lot of problems. In fact, even with an extremely thorough oral care regime.

People will find that they can still develop gingivitis or tooth decay. And the reason why says Ellerslie dentist. Is because people will get gingivitis because of tartar buildup below the gum line.

Which is not possible to minimize through brushing. Because toothbrushes cannot reach below the gum line. And if patients try to brush hard enough. In order to get below the gum line.

They can actually damage their gums. Which would cause their gum line to reseed. And expose their tooth roots. Which can cause sensitivity. As well as an increased risk for tooth decay on their roots.

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Because the route has less enamel than the rest of the tooth. Also, if people brush too hard and damage their gums. They could cause their teeth to starts to become a loose in their head.

And finally, people who brush their teeth too hard. Can end up with overly sensitive teeth because of it. Therefore, the only way to avoid getting tartar buildup below the gum line.

Is to go for professional cleanings. Because they have a wider variety of tools. That can safely eliminate tartar buildup. Especially in hard-to-reach areas such as below the gum line.

And while the annual dental checkup as well as the cleaning can have been in one appointment. People should go back to their Ellerslie dentist. And get a second cleaning done six months later.

Because getting a professional cleaning once a year. Is not often enough. To minimize tartar buildup. And people can end up with gingivitis or tooth decay even if they are getting their teeth cleaned once a year.

Another reason why people should see their dentist twice a year. Is because when their dentist sees them for the second cleaning. They will be able to tell if they are problems that are developing.

Such as cavities starting to form. Or other issues. And when they are able to catch those problems early. They will be able to stop a larger problem from developing. That would happen if they only went to their dentist once a year.

There are many reasons for people to visit their dentist twice a year. Convincing them of that is very important. But can ensure a person’s overall health.

Ellerslie Dentist | Should Everyone Visit the Dentist

While many people understand that it is important for children to go see their Ellerslie dentist twice a year. Many Canadian adults visit the Canadian only when they think it is necessary.

However, when they only wait for a problem to arise. They could be waiting too long. Allowing the problem to get worse and worse. Until it is not only a larger problem to fix.

That not only takes a longer time to fix, they also will cost a lot more money as well. In fact, if people wait long enough. They can end up causing serious damage to their teeth.

That may require a root canal, getting a crown. Or even requiring Ellerslie dentist to pull the entire tooth altogether. And then they will need to make the decision.

If they are going to get a dental implant, or if they are going to get a bridge. If they decide to go with a dental implant. It is important that they make a decision sooner rather than later.

Because if they have lost a tooth. And they wait even several months. They can start to get bone erosion. Which will make it difficult or impossible to place an implant.

And while Ellerslie dentist will be able to do a bone graft in order to have enough material to place an implant. That doubles the number of surgeries that a patient will need to undergo.

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And it will double the cost as well as double the length of time it will take to get the procedure done. All for something that could have been avoided. By going to a dentist twice a year.

And fixing problems before they become larger and more problematic. Another reason why patients should go see eye dentist twice a year. Is because they can fix problems.

That people may not realize are bothersome to them. Until they are taking very good care of their teeth. Such as having sensitive teeth. Which can be caused by a number of issues including gingivitis.

And when they get into the dentist twice a year to have their teeth professionally cleaned. They are going to minimize their sensitivity. But if not, their Ellerslie dentist will help them.

Figure out the reason why their teeth are sensitive. So that they can get it fixed. Whether they simply need to be using high quality desensitizing toothpaste such as Sensodyne.

By using this toothpaste for several weeks. Can cause people to no longer have a problem with sensitive teeth. However if this does not work. It could be due to receding gums and tooth root exposure.

To a wide variety of other issues such as grinding their teeth at night, people brushing their teeth too hard. And even if their enamel is too thin. Due to improper diet. Or even due to a genetic predisposition.

When people are able to get their teeth taken care of. And they have healthy teeth. They may start to wonder about other issues. Such as straightening their teeth, eliminating sensitive teeth. As well as whitening their teeth. So that they can always have their best smile forward.