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There are many questions that patients have whether Ellerslie dentist. When they see them for their annual visit. And by demystifying many different questions, can help people understand why they need to visit the dentist is often as they do.

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One of the first questions that they will get, is how do I make my teeth whiter? And while they can purchase different products to make their teeth whiter. Including toothpaste, and whitening strips.

The best way to get patient’s teeth whiter, is to go to their Ellerslie dentist. And get it professionally done. Whether it is in the office, or if they get a dental kit to take hold themselves.

If people are doing it themselves, they recommend ensuring that they figure out what shade of white their teeth currently are as. So that when they finished their treatment.

Patients will be able to see how effective the treatment was. Because when they get it done at the dentist’s office. Or get a dental kit to take home from their dentist.

They will the dentist will guarantee that their teeth will become five shades whiter. Which is often more value for the money that they spend. Which is very important to many people.

However, for many people, they are unable to use whitening products. Whether they are over-the-counter, or at their dentist’s office.

Because the whitening solution hurts their teeth too much. Because they have sensitive teeth. However, their dentist will have many other solutions. Such as a using new veneers.

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Which can be too invasive for some people. However, if that is too invasive. The dentist can utilize a bonding material, that can add a whitening layer to their teeth. Which is less invasive.

But it needs to be refreshed every few years. So people often choose veneers, if they have sensitive teeth. Because it is a more permanent solution to whiter teeth.

The next thing that they ask their dentist. Is how often do I actually need a dental checkup? The recommendation is for people to go once a year to the dentist for a checkup.

However, they should go every six months to their hygienist for cleaning. Unfortunately, the dentist recommends that if every time a patient comes in for their yearly checkup. They have cavities regularly.

They will recommend a dental checkup twice a year. However, they also want to ensure everybody understands. That they can have extremely good oral hygiene. And still get to cavities.

Because the tendency to get cavities is often genetic. Due to a wide variety of factors. Therefore they recommend people come in more often. So that they can minimize problems sooner rather than later.

There are many other questions that people often have. But is highly recommended that if people do have questions. That they make an appointment with their Ellerslie dentist.

And ask the dentist and hygienist themselves. Because they will ensure the visit is positive, and that they are taking care of their teeth as best as possible.

Ellerslie Dentist | Top Dental Questions

There are many questions that people often want to know their Ellerslie dentist. And it is important that they get their answers. Because it can help put their minded ease before they visit their dentist.

One question that they often have. Is what is the best way to practice good dental hygiene at home? They recommend brushing twice a day, flossing once a day. And rinsing after every brush with mouthwash.

They also recommend not to eat after brushing, especially before bed. As well as avoiding eating sweet, sugary food. And pop contains acid that where down people’s teeth.

And ultimately, people can take care of their oral hygiene well. By eating healthy foods. Because diet plays an important role good oral health.

Another question that dentists gets often. Especially when they recommend people getting dental x-rays. Is why dental x-rays are important?

It is very important for the dentist to know if there are problems. And by taking a dental x-ray, they are going to see problems sooner. Then if they discover those problems inside a patient’s mouth during an exam.

And while many people are asking why they need dental x-rays. Because they are worried about radiation. However, these patients should understand. That more dentists in Canada are using digital x-rays.

Which emits an extremely low radiation. In fact, this is what most dentists use. And there will be more radiation. That people will experience on an airplane flight from Lincoln over to Edmonton.

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Then they will they got one hundred dental x-rays. Therefore, people should be very reassured that dental x-rays are an extremely low form of radiation. That they do not need to worry about.

The dental x-rays will look for cavities, especially between the teeth. Which can be very difficult for dentists to see visually during an examination.

But also, it can beneficial for children. Because it can help the dentist anticipate when their adult teeth are going to grow in. Or even if children are missing any adult teeth.

Most children will start developing their adult teeth by the age of six. But with the right dental x-rays done at the right time.

People can find out that their child will be likely to start developing adult teeth much earlier. Which is why dental x-rays are very important.

And while people are often engaging in very good oral hygiene. It still remains very troubling the statistic. That 75% of Canadians have gingivitis. And this can often be eliminated or prevented by good oral hygiene.

But even if people are brushing twice a day, they might not be using the right technique. Or they might be brushing too hard. Which will not prevent gingivitis. Which is one regular tooth cleanings are so important.

Getting their teeth cleaned by hygienist, at Ellerslie dentist. Will help keep their oral hygiene as healthy as possible. Because even with good habits, people can develop this troubling problem.

If people have any more questions for their dentist. They should make an appointment, and come ask the friendly staff Ellerslie dentist of themselves. In order to get the answers they need, to feel comfortable and confident with the care they will receive.