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Even though many adults have visited the dentist within the past year Ellerslie dentist says. Which is according to health survey done in Canada. Not all citizens will visit the dentist every single year. Even though it is recommended that they visit even more often than that.

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Part of the reason why people are not visiting the dentist is often as they should. Is because they do not know how often they should be visiting. They often know that it is important to go see the dentist yearly as a child.

But they do not realize that this is important as they grow up. Which has them only going to the dentist when they feel they need to, or when they have a problem. It can actually lead to problems.

The reason why, is because throughout their lifetime. People even if they are engaging in good oral health care routines. They still need to eliminate plack and tartar buildup.

Especially below the gum line, because when plaque builds up below the gum line. This starts gingivitis. Which is an extremely common oral disease. That 75% of all Canadians suffer from.

Therefore, even if people are brushing their teeth regularly. They need to come to the dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning. Where they will be able to use specialized tools.

To get to all of the areas of the persons mouth that may have tartar buildup. Such as below the gum line. As well as in the back of the mouth, and in between the teeth.

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And it not only can prevent gingivitis. But when there is a lot of plaque or tartar buildup on the teeth, that can promote cavities. Therefore, when people get their teeth cleaned twice a year.

Not only are they helping prevent gingivitis. They are also helping prevent tooth decay. So that they can have healthier teeth for the rest of their life.

When adults only visit their dentist when they suspect they have a problem. The problem has already become much more serious then it ever needed to.

Taking more time as well as more money to fix. And also causing a lot more invasive procedures to need to be done. In order to fix the problem. That could have been very simple and very inexpensive if caught early.

However, good oral health is only one reason why people should be visiting their Ellerslie dentist. They also should be visiting the dentist in order to get their questions answered.

Such as how can they get their teeth whiter as well as why other teeth so sensitive? This is extremely important that people ask their dentist in person. Because often, the reason why people have sensitive teeth.

Is because they have gingivitis, and by fixing the gingivitis. By having them come to the dentist for cleanings twice a year. Can often eliminate the sensitivity.

However, if they do come in for regular cleanings. And they still have sensitive teeth. Then their Ellerslie dentist knows what the next thing is they should try will be. To eliminate sensitivity.

Ellerslie Dentist | Visit the Dentist Often

Many adults are not visiting the dentist is often as they should according to Ellerslie dentist. And they can often develop problems that are worse than they need to be. If they had visited sooner.

However, many people may not even realize. That their dentist will be able to help them with other problems. Such as tooth sensitivity, or tooth whitening solutions.

In fact, Ellerslie dentist says they often get people coming in to their office. After getting a whitening treatment over-the-counter. And have not had success with it.

In fact, many people are getting spending a lot of their own money on tooth whitening products such as toothpaste, or whitening strips from the drugstore. That are not whitening their teeth as effectively as they want.

That is why dentists typically recommend people are trying to wait in their teeth themselves. They should pay attention to how white their teeth are at the beginning. By comparing them to a whitening chart.

So that after the process is over, they can tell definitively. How white their teeth became, if they became any whiter at all. Because the chances are very slim that the products worked.

Therefore, the visit their dentist complaining that they can wait in their teeth. And they will be able to hear about all of the products that can help them once they visit the dentist.

The most common and most popular option. Is for the dentist to send patients home with customized a whitening tray. And some bleaching solution. And they guarantee that patients will get five shades of whiter in their teeth.

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However, whitening solution such as bleach is not a good option for many patients. Especially if they have sensitive teeth already. Because bleach will cause pain.

And in this case, the dentist can discuss options with the patient such as veneers, which will definitely whiten their teeth. But is often a much more invasive procedure than patients are willing to get.

That is why bonding is the second most popular whitening method. Because it can add a layer to their teeth that can brighten the look of their teeth. in a less invasive way.

But patients need to keep in mind that bonding is not permanent. And will need to be refreshed every few years. In order to have the look that they want.

The next thing that people often go to the dentist with. Is they have a problem of two sensitive teeth. And this is often a problem that can be fixed with regular dental cleanings.

Because sensitive teeth are often caused by gingivitis. However, if this is not the particular issue. Dentists can make several suggestions about what the patient can try next.

Such as recommending using the product called Sensodyne, which is a toothpaste that can minimize sensitivity in most people. Regardless of what fix people and up with.

There are many reasons other than checkups and cleanings to visit their Ellerslie dentist. In order to give them the smile they desire.