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While many people understand that is important for children and adults to visit their Ellerslie dentist. They may not realize when people should start seeing the dentist. Or how often they should visit, and when they do not need to visit any longer.

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And even though 75% of all Canadians have seen a dentist within the last year. It is very important that people see the dentist early, regularly enough. And continue seeing them throughout their lifetime.

One of the most common questions that people ask their dentist. When they start having children, is how early should their child get in for a checkup.

While many people make the assumption that as soon as their child has teeth. They should be brought in for regular visits. However this is not necessary.

Especially because many children start getting teeth at only a few months old. Or even born with teeth. And this is far too early to bring children to the dentist.

The reason why, is because they will not be able to open their mouth on command. Or keep it open for the length of the visit. And the younger the child is, the more likely they are going to bite down on the dentist’s hand.

Therefore, the typical rule of thumb that Ellerslie dentist tells parents. Is that when their child has reached a year of age. And as long as they have at least one tooth.

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That is when they can start bringing their child in for a checkup. However, this does not mean that people should not be taking care of their child’s teeth before then.

Getting a very soft soled brush, such as a silicone brush. And getting into the habit of brushing their teeth. As well as wiping their mouth out with a cloth. To get rid of any milk or juice.

Can start helping avoid plaque buildup, or tooth decay from an early age. And should always avoid putting their child down to bed with a bottle. Because that can significantly increase the tooth decay.

Another question that parents often have about their children’s teeth. Is at what age should they expect their child’s baby teeth start falling out? And while there is a very large range of time.

Typically, children will start losing their teeth at six years of age. And by the time they are twelve, all of their adult teeth should appear. However, there are some exceptions to this.

Sometimes, children will start losing their baby teeth much earlier, such as at four years old. Or, they may not start losing their teeth until much later.

In order to anticipate this. Ellerslie dentist will often recommend an x-ray on the child’s jaw. In order to see if they anticipate that the child will lose their baby teeth sooner, or later.

Once people understand how important it is that they are getting their child to the dentist early enough, and often enough. Can set that child up for good oral health for the rest of their life.

Ellerslie Dentist | Who Should Visit the Dentist

Often, adults believe that they should only visit the Ellerslie dentist when they have problems as in adults. However, this is not true. And in fact, they should still visit twice a year.

And the reason why, is because they need to continue to get regular cleanings. Because this is going to be what eliminates the tartar buildup. Particularly below the gum line.

That causes not just gingivitis, but promotes tooth decay. And even when an adult has great oral hygiene habits. They need to also be visiting the dentist regularly.

As well, adults need to visit the dentist to get a checkup. Because they still could develop problems such as cavities. And by visiting the dentist yearly, they will be able to catch these problems early.

If someone only makes an appointment with Ellerslie dentist because they are experiencing tooth problems or pain. It is going to be a much more invasive procedure to fix.

And end up taking a longer time, and costing more money. Then if they had come to the dentist on a yearly basis. For their annual checkup, and caught any potential problems a lot sooner.

As well, as people age, they might start needing other services, such as dentures. And while people still think that this is the way to replace teeth.

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Ellerslie dentist says they should understand that that dental implants may be a better solution. The reason why, is because unlike dentures, which are not permanent.

Dental implants can act and feel just like patients regular teeth. And it is possible to replace just a few of the teeth that need to be replaced. In a way that can help them continue to eat all of the foods they love.

However, it is very important that if patients want to have a dental implant for couple of teeth. Instead of dentures for their home mouth. That they are visiting the dentist on a regular basis.

And getting a checkup every year. So that they can make decisions early. And they have as good oral health as possible. So that whatever they decide to their dentist, can have the best prognosis.

However, it is possible for people to avoid ever needing dental implants. From tooth decay as long as they are brushing their teeth twice a day, flossing. As well as using mouthwash after brushing.

As well as getting to the dentist twice a year for their cleanings. However, if there are other reasons that a person may lose a tooth. Due to an accident for example.

The sooner that they can get to their Ellerslie dentist, the sooner they are going to be able to figure out a solution. And utilize dental implants to replace their missing teeth.

When people think of their oral health. They need to realize that it is not just regular brushing and flossing that can ensure good overall oral health. But that visiting the dentist on a regular basis is also a part of that very important routine to maintain their overall health.