Ellerslie Dentist | Why People Visit Dentists Every Six Months

Even though studies have shown that people are seeing a dentist once a year says Ellerslie dentist. That does not mean that they see a dentist every single year. Or that the reason why they saw the dentist. Was because they were caring for their teeth in a routine manner.

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This is exactly what they are trying to do. Is spread the message about how important it is that people go to a dentist twice a year. No matter if they have problems with their teeth or not.

Why they should go for the first visit. Is to allow their dentist to check their teeth. To ensure that they are healthy, there is no tooth decay or tartar buildup. That could cause health problems later on.

But also, at that first visit. The dentist will also give them a thorough cleaning. Using special tools that will allow them to get the tartar buildup below the gum line. As well as in between their teeth, and at the back molars.

And the reason why it is so important to get their teeth cleaned this way. Is because no matter how effectively someone is brushing their teeth.

They cannot brush away the tartar buildup below the gum line. No matter how often they brush, or how hard they brush. And if they try, they can often end up damaging their gums in the process.

This is why it is very important for people to get this cleaning done. Because without this tartar buildup cleaned out. People will develop gingivitis.

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However, by six months, people will end up getting tartar buildup again. And they need to continually get that cleaned out. In order to avoid to developing this dental disease.

It is very important that people are doing this regularly. Because while 75% of Canadians visited the dentist in the past year. 75% of adults Canadians also have gingivitis.

And this is completely avoidable when people visit their dentist regularly. Therefore, if people want to ensure they have good oral health. They should visit the dentist twice a year.

And this is also true for people who have children. They should be visiting the dentist the same amount of times. Especially because they have a lot more things that can go wrong.

By going to their Ellerslie dentist with their children. They are dentist will be able to give them an x-ray. That will help them troubleshoot any potential future problems.

Such as if children are missing any of their adult teeth. When the adult teeth are likely going to start poking through their gums. As well as if they might have any overcrowding issues.

In addition to all of that, dental x-rays will show the dentist if they have any cavities, or any other problems. That might need to be fixed. That the dentist was not able to visually spot.

The sooner people can get into the habit of going to their Ellerslie dentist twice a year. The sooner they are going to be able to maintain great oral health for their lifetime.

Ellerslie Dentist | Why People Visit Dentists Every Six Months

Even though many Canadians know how important it is to visit their dentist according to Ellerslie dentist. They are still not going twice a year. And their oral health is suffering.

However, if people are not going to properly care for their teeth. Through good brushing habits. Then going to the dentist twice a year is not going to do a lot to help maintain oral health.

Therefore, Ellerslie dentist recommends people following these good brushing habits. Starting with a soft to medium firmness of a toothbrush.

Because when the toothbrush bristles are too hard. People may inadvertently be brushing too hard. Which could cause their gums to reseed. As well as damage the gums as well.

Next thing they should do, is get into the habit of brushing after every time they eat. Although the Canadian health guidelines. Say that people should brush twice a day.

Best practices are to brush after every time they eat. As well as avoiding snacks after they brush. Especially before going to bed. So that people do not end up developing cavities while they sleep.

The next thing that they should do is follow that up with mouthwash. And many people wonder if mouthwash is actually beneficial. And Ellerslie dentist says it is one of the most important things that they can do.

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The reason why, is because it will allow people to get rid of the bacteria on the soft parts of their mouth. Such as their gums, cheeks, tongue and the roof of their mouth.

Because even if they get rid of all of the bacteria on their teeth. If there is bacteria elsewhere in their mouth. Can easily transfer to their teeth. Especially at night while they sleep.

And they can end up developing problems such as cavities and tooth decay. Even though they have brush their teeth. Which is why dentists recommend mouthwash.

However, they should ensure that the mouthwash they are using is alcohol free. And they rinse their mouth out twice a day as well.

And finally, the last step in a great oral care routine. Is flossing their teeth every day. And while many people do not like flossing their teeth. There are many products on the market.

That can make it less of a chore. And help people floss as often as they need to. Such as floss picks. By doing this, people are maintaining as positive oral health as possible.

And when they go to the dentist twice a year. For a checkup and for cleanings. They are ensuring that all of the care that their Ellerslie dentist it does. Simply complements their good oral health as well.

It is very important that people visit their dentist every six months. But also if they have children. They should get their children to the dentist this often as well. So that they all can have healthy melts and beautiful smiles.