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Often, people want to know why they need to visit their Ellerslie dentist as often as is recommended. Or, they want to know how often is recommended. So that they can maintain good oral hygiene.

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The standard recommendation from Canada health. Is seeing their dentist once a year in order to get a dental checkup done. However they should see their dentist twice a year for cleaning.

People may wonder why it is important to get a cleaning done at the dentist’s office. Especially when they are engaging in great oral hygiene personally.

Ultimately, the reason why. Is because the matter how great a person is looking after their teeth. Whether they are brushing twice a day, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash. They can still develop gingivitis.

Gingivitis is a dental disease, that affects the gums in a patient’s mouth. And the reason why people might develop gingivitis, despite the fact that they have great oral hygiene.

Have a genetic predisposition to gingivitis. And people can have amazing teeth, but also have gingivitis. And going to their Ellerslie dentist were cleaning, can help maintain the cleanest teeth.

Such as getting tartar buildup below the gum line. That often contribute to this dental disease. And while many Canadians visit their dentist every year. 75% of all Canadians also have gingivitis.

Therefore, people should do everything in their power. To help eliminate gingivitis. And by going to their Ellerslie dentist for cleanings twice a year. Is going to be a great way of maintaining that.

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Another question that people often want to know, is why they need to get x-rays. And basically, the answer to this question. Is preventative maintenance. It is a great way for their dentist to see.

If there will be problems with a person’s oral hygiene. Such as if they are going to be any cavities showing up. Or if there are cavities between a patient’s teeth.

That typically will not found visually until much later. And then the problem go be much larger. Therefore, x-rays are extremely important in preventative maintenance.

People also want to know how they can make their own teeth whiter. This is a common question that people have for their dentist.

And while there are many different over-the-counter products that they can buy. Such as whitening toothpaste, and white strips. The best way to get wait teeth, is to go see their dentist.

They can get a customized whitening kit. That will guarantee that they can get a patient’s teeth five shades whiter. Where over-the-counter whitening products may not their teeth at all.

However, if patients have sensitive teeth. They may not be able to tolerate any whitening products. In that case, their dentist will be able to offer other solutions. Such as veneers, or bonding.

The sooner people can get the answers to their dental questions. The sooner they will feel comfortable about going to their dentist regularly.

And not only helping ensure that their teeth are as good as possible. But ensuring that the problems are getting dealt with quickly. So that they do not turn into larger problems later.

Ellerslie Dentist | Why Visit a Dentist

While going to the dentist is an important part of oral hygiene says Eller the Ellerslie dentist. It is also great for preventative maintenance as well.

However, patients often have a lot of questions. That they want the answer to. In order to feel comfortable, and encourage them to go to the dentist.

Often, patients complain that their teeth are sensitive. And want to know how they can fix that. And is one of the most common questions that many dentists get.

In the first thing that their dentist will look for, they complain of having sensitive teeth. Is gingivitis, which is a dental disease that actually can cause sensitivity.

And that by engaging in very good oral hygiene. And coming back to the dentist were regular cleanings. Can eliminate gingivitis. And then eliminate their sensitivity. Is often enough.

However, there are other reasons why people may have sensitive teeth. From root exposure, grinding their teeth at night. And having gums that are receding.

As well as from brushing their teeth too hard, or from there tooth enamel being too thin. Which is caused by genetics. All of these things can cause people to have sensitive teeth.

And after the Ellerslie dentist does their cleaning, and gets rid of the gingivitis. If people still have sensitive teeth. They recommend using Sensodyne toothpaste.

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Because that is very effectively at minimizing sensitivity. However, if that does not work. There dentist will be able to put on and do sensitizing material.

They can apply it in the office on their teeth. Leave it for two minutes. And then recommend that patients do not brush their teeth for twenty-four hours.

This can reduce sensitivity for a few months. However, if people are looking for a more permanent solution. They can get some bonding put onto the exposed roots. Which can only reduce sensitivity.

Other questions that people might have for Ellerslie dentist. Is if they should use mouthwash regularly. As a part of their regular oral hygiene routine.

And if so, what mouthwash is the best one that they should use. And it is very highly recommended. That patients use mouthwash. And ideally, use mouthwash twice a day.

They should use it after each time they brush their teeth. And kind of mouthwash they should use, is alcohol free. In fact, they find that the more often that people are using mouthwash, the better their teeth are.

Because not only is it freshening their breath. But mouthwash can also get rid of bacteria on all surfaces of the mouth. Including the gums and the time. As well as between the teeth, and other areas.

From the roof mouth, underneath the tongue, and the cheeks. That bacteria can still exist, even after brushing teeth. That can contribute to tooth decay.

If people have any other questions for their dentist. They should make an appointment to their dentist, to ask all of the questions in person, and get the answers they need to feel comfortable about their oral care.