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Emergency Dentist Ellerslie: When Should You Take Your Child To A Dentist

Parents often ask this question, ‘when should the first visit to the dentist be?’ Our emergency dentist Ellerslie suggest that the first visit should happen as soon as your child celebrates his/her first birthday. Another common question that parents generally ask is, ‘when should you take them to the dentist?’ If you have a similar question, then this article is for you. You can take your child to the dentist for the following reasons.


If your child continuously experiences an unbearable toothache at one single spot, don’t ignore it. Take them to an emergency dentist Ellerslie as soon as possible. A continuous toothache can be a symptom of tooth cavities, decay, abscessed teeth, gum problems, and several other oral issues. If ignored, toothache can also result in a headache and cause discomfort to your child.

Tooth Cavities and Decays

If you see holes or cavities or notice blackish-brown spots in your child’s teeth, it could be due to cavities or decays. Kids these days are more susceptible to cavities and decays because of their eating habits. Continuous consumption of foods and beverages like candies, chocolates, starchy snacks, colas, smoothies, and poor oral hygiene routine can lead to cavities and decays. Therefore, take your young one to emergency dentist Ellerslie before the decays become serious and damage your child’s teeth.

Dental Injury

A dental injury can occur due to biting hard items, an accident, or an injury while playing sports. Your child’s teeth can crack, break, or loosen from the roots because of a dental injury. If you ignore these dental injuries, your child may have a loose tooth and experience an intense toothache. In the worst cases, the tooth may even fall out.

Regular Cleaning

Even if your child isn’t experiencing any oral issue, you should take them to the dentist on a regular basis. Regular dental cleanups are necessary for general oral maintenance where brushing and flossing may not be sufficient. Visiting dentists on a regular basis also ensures that your child’s dental health is at its best. With regular dental checkups, dentists will be able to identify symptoms of potential oral problems and provide solutions for them well in advance.

These are some instances when you must take your child to a dentist. Do you think it’s time to take your child to a dentist? Book your appointment with our emergency dentist Ellerslie now. Don’t avoid your child’s dental problems as they can be stressful for your child as well as for you.