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[VIDEO] Dentist in Ellerslie | Braces Over Invisalign

    Dentist in Ellerslie | Braces Over Invisalign

    Your dentist in Ellerslie is often asked which tooth straightening system is better, braces
    or Invisalign? The answer is not as cut and dry as you might think. There is a time and a
    place for traditional battle braces. There are some instances where Invisalign is not the
    best way in order to achieve the desired outcome.

    In those instances it is always best to refer patients to see an orthodontist in Edmonton
    as they have the knowledge and expertise to help patients who have those particular

    There are things such as overbite, cross bite, underbite and other issues that may need
    the oversight of an orthodontist. However, Invisalign has many adaptations that can
    help with a number of these common maladies. Invisalign is not just to straighten teeth,
    but to solve a lot of common issues that people suffer from.

    What is Invisalign? Invisalign is a revolutionary product that helps people achieve a
    straight and beautiful smile, as well as correct some bite issues that patients may have.
    It does so through the use of invisible alignment trays.

    These invisible trays are made from clear plastic and are in exact mould of your teeth.
    Your dentist in Ellerslie can either take a mould of your teeth or use an iTero 3D
    imaging machine to capture the 3D image of your teeth. This information is sent into the
    Invisalign company and a treatment plan is developed utilizing the immense amount of
    data that is been collected over the many years that Invisalign has been in business.

    Working in unison with your dentist, and the ClinCheck software that Invisalign has
    developed, your dentist and Invisalign will come up with a treatment plan that is right for
    you. If for any reason you’re not happy with the results you’re getting before the six
    month period, you can get reassessed and a new set of aligners sent out to you for no

    There are other things that the dentist in Ellerslie can help you with should the aligners
    not be moving things in the manner in which you would hoped. This is an amazing
    benefit that Invisalign has offered for their patients.

    There’s also a special program for teens. If the parents are not satisfied within six
    months, they can go to traditional braces. There will be no extra cost involved to the
    parents in this scenario. It’s best to speak with your dentist to see how this process
    actually works.

    One of the most amazing parts of using the Invisalign system is that they can easily be
    removed by the user. This means you can eat food and brush your teeth as you always
    have. There is very little discomfort or impedance with having Invisalign aligners. This is
    one of the greatest features of using Invisalign.

    When you’re thinking about traditional braces, there are metal brackets and wires that
    can cause cuts and abrasions to your lips and your tongue. Braces are not as
    comfortable as Invisalign.

    Dentist in Ellerslie | comfort is King

    Ensuring that you are comfortable is one of the priorities of the tooth doctor, your dentist
    in Ellerslie. We want to make sure that your Invisalign aligners are comfortable while
    you are using them. Depending on your situation, you could be wearing the Invisalign
    system for six months up to a year. In rare cases you have to wear them even longer.

    The best thing for you to do is to contact the tooth doctor at the Ellerslie location at 780-
    760-8668 and schedule a free, no obligation consultation with your dentist in Ellerslie.

    Traditional braces, however, tend to be less comfortable. Due to the metal brackets and
    wires that are associated with traditional braces, they can cause reasonable amount of
    discomfort for the wearer.

    Invisalign is far superior to traditional braces when it comes to comfort and ease of use.
    The favoured feature of Invisalign aligners is that they are invisible. Being invisible
    means that you can enter into different social situations without anybody staring at the
    train tracks in your mouth.

    Depending on your age you may not want to have metal braces. Each person’s case is
    unique and you must consult your dentist in Ellerslie to see what choice is right for you.
    Another benefit to having Invisalign invisible aligners is that you can easily remove and
    replace them at your convenience.

    Whether you are out on a date, or at family dinner, you can easily remove your aligners
    and eat and drink as you normally would. It’s a wise idea to pack along a small travel
    toothbrush so you can quickly brush and rinse before replacing your Invisalign aligners.

    traditional braces are much more difficult to keep clean. There are several brackets and
    wires that are put in place to move your teeth into alignment. Because of these metal
    brackets and wires it makes it difficult for a toothbrush to get in and remove all food
    particles and harmful bacteria.

    Some patients experience a demineralized nation around the brackets and this causes
    some discolouration of their teeth. This is not an ideal scenario as this is very difficult to
    overcome and correct. See your dentist to see what option is the best choice for you.

    Some people have questions about the cost of Invisalign as there are numerous
    different prices that you will see when searching. At the tooth doctor, our Invisalign price
    starts at $6500. We have affordable payment plans that can suit almost any budget.
    This is a great option especially if you have limited insurance or no dental insurance

    In most cases, a combination between your dental insurance coverage and a payment
    plan is put in place to make your Invisalign treatment plan affordable for you.

    The tooth doctor, Dr. Peter Yoo, wants to save as many teeth as possible, for as long as
    possible, for as cheap as possible. There is no greater joy than helping patients achieve
    optimal oral health that lasts their lifetime.