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There are many choices of dental clinics in Edmonton so why should you choose The Tooth Doctor? Dr. Peter Yoo the founder and operator of The Tooth Doctor implores you to come in and see what makes us different. You will see that the first thing that stands out is the values that Dr. Yoo lives out every day with every patient. He wants to provide the best and right dental treatment within the budget you are comfortable with.

Budget concerns are the number one reason, people put off visiting the dentist regularly. You will be glad to know that The Tooth Doctor understands this very well and takes a more conservative approach to treatments. The motto is to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. Payment plan arrangements can be made so that your teeth get the care that they deserve.

Our Primary Goal

The goal for Dr. Yoo is to make sure every person gets the dental care that they need. Even in a time of emergency, Dr. Yoo is there to help. It is important to know the difference between an emergency and a routine treatment. The following are considered an emergency. Should you find yourself in one of these scenarios, please call The Tooth Doctor immediately for timely advice.

What is considered dental emergencies? If the patient has fallen and injured their mouth it is important to call right away as this is not okay to leave until it is a more convenient time. If the injured person is over ten years old and have all their adult teeth, there is no chance a loose tooth is normal. This would be from an accident and trauma and should be addressed immediately.

Keep all your teeth intact

If you knock a tooth out, this is considered an emergency. It is important to not touch the root of the tooth. Pick up the tooth by the side you chew on. If you can, very carefully place the tooth back where it came from into the socket. Be sure to place it in in the exact position it is supposed to be in. If this is not possible, place it in a glass of milk or hold it in your mouth where it is moist and head to the dentist. The tooth must be placed back within 30 minutes for it to survive.

If you are experiencing pain and are not sure which type you should head to the emergency room for, you will need to ask yourself how severe the pain really is. If it is something you can manage with some Tylenol to reduce the swelling and pain or even an icepack, you can call the dentist the next chance you get to book an appointment to be assessed. If the pain is extreme, you will want to call the emergency number of your dentist and if necessary, visit the emergency room too. If your tooth is cracked, do not chew on it until you have had it seen.

Different kinds of Dental Emergencies pain

Infections are nothing to take lightly. It means there is something wrong in your body and it needs addressing immediately. You will want to call you dentist if you believe you have an infection that is related to dental health. Tylenol is also helpful to take at this time.

Tooth sensitivity is not usually a case for emergency care. You should definitely book a follow up with the dentist to be sure it is assessed. A good over the counter toothpaste could be used to help. On the other hand, if it is extreme then call the dental emergency line to get immediate advice.

If you are experiencing abscessed gums, it is important you contact the dentist right away. This is a sign of an infection. The abscess is not a pimple so please do not pop it but see the dentist immediately. This could be an abscess in the tooth, gum, or bone. A bacterial infection causes this. This is not something you should underestimate. If left untreated it can cause tooth loss, lymph nodes, heart, and brain issues. It has even been known to become deadly in rare cases.

Get your teeth serviced right away

Broken or lost fillings is a good reason to call the dentist right away. Even if you do not feel a sensitivity in your teeth there is a good chance of further deterioration happening due to the tissue being exposed. Your tooth could become unfixable.

A severe toothache or pain related to a tooth is cause for an dental emergencies call. A root canal may be the solution to this problem. If there is decay or infection inside the tooth it can cause major pain. The dentist will remove the decay by performing a root canal so that the tooth does not need to be extracted.

Bleeding and pain after a tooth extraction is normal right after surgery but it becomes unusual if it persists and should be assessed immediately. Any use of your mouth should be avoided if this is the case. You need to see the dentist first to have it addressed.

Prevent Dental Emergencies

To avoid dental emergencies, you can take a few preventative measures. If you are heavily into sports or rough play, it is a clever idea to invest in a mouthguard. This can protect your teeth from injury.

There are some foods that will cause even the strongest teeth to crack or break. Be careful when eating hard candy or tough meat. Popcorn is one of the biggest culprits of cracking a tooth when you least expect it. You may already have a weakened spot in a tooth and that extra pressure can cause damage. While talking about chewing on hard or tough things it is a suitable time to mention how important it is to not chew on items that are not meant for consumption. This can crack or chip a tooth. A sugar free gum may be the solution for you plus it helps with saliva production and cleansing bacteria.

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