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Accepting New Patients

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SAVING as many teeth as possible, for as LONG as possible, for as CHEAP as possible.
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Why Choose The Tooth Doctor?

There are hundreds of dental offices in Edmonton and area for you to choose from, so why should you choose to trust The Tooth Doctor with your dental health?

“My goal for our patients is to provide a practical and conservative approach for long lasting dental health. We strive to save as many teeth as possible, for as long as possible, for as cheap as possible.” – Dr Peter Yoo DDS

Three Locations To Serve You

When Dr.Peter Yoo opened the first dental office in Edmonton more than ten years ago, he had a vision to help as many people as possible. He knew that one dental office in Edmonton would not have the ability to achieve this vision. By expanding the geographical boundaries of The Tooth Doctor, we can serve more dental patients and maintain a high level of excellence in dental care.

Dental Implants Edmonton Capilano office

More Choices

3 Locations

The Tooth Doctor Capilano
9939-75 Street NW

The Tooth Doctor Ellerslie
105A, 1006-103A Street SW

The Tooth Doctor Tofield
5111-50 Street in Tofield Alberta

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Emergency Dental Care

Our office has extended weekend and evening hours. Our staff provides our patients with the prompt treatment they need, when they need it.


Kids Love Us

Not every child is afraid of the dentist, but it is safe to say that there are many that are. Dr. Yoo and the team have created an environment where children and parents feel safe. We never rush kids into dental procedures. Patience and education with a bit of distraction allows us to win over even the most nervous child. Every office has a play area and each dental exam room has a flat screen television with Netflix® for Kids.

Dentistry For Everyone

Our passion is to improve dental health for as many people as possible, adults and kids alike. PHOTO 2023 03 24 14 25 18 - dental office EdmontonOne of the reasons that Dr. Peter Yoo chose general dentistry was so that he would have the opportunity to treat a variety of people and dental maladies. There is no dental challenge that The Tooth Doctor won’t take on.

The Tooth Doctor has extended evening, weekend and after-hours emergency dental hours for hard working moms and dads. Call or book your dental appointments online today.

Affordable Dentist in Edmonton

A lot of dental offices in Edmonton boast that they follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide for their pricing model. We too follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide but in some instances, our pricing for dental services is BELOW the standard pricing.

If you have financial concerns, we will do our best to work with you to achieve your dental needs. We want your dental care to be affordable and manageable.

Free Consultations

For specialized treatments like Invisalign® and Botox® or other treatments and appliances we provide free, no obligation consultations. Dr. Peter Yoo will determine a treatment plan and provide a quote and payment options for you in the consultation. You can schedule your free consult at our Edmonton dental clinic, Ellerslie dental clinic, or our Tofield dental clinic.

Get a Second Opinion

Not satisfied with a quote for dental care or diagnosis? Dr. Peter Yoo will objectively and professionally examine your dental issue to determine if there is a more cost effective treatment pathway or a less invasive alternative to treatment.

Possible reasons to get a second opinion:

  • A surgical suite has been recommended for a child
  • Price quoted for treatment seems too high
  • To see if there is an alternative treatment available
  • Invisalign® quote
  • Botox® treatment quote

The Tooth Doctor Really Cares

We want you to be a patient with us for as long as you have teeth! Our patients are more than just a number, they are family. Our goal for every dental appointment is for you to leave in better health than when you came in. Your smile is your best asset. The Tooth Doctor Edmonton dental office wants to preserve, protect and improve your smile with each visit.

Let’s face it. Going to the dentist is not the most enjoyable thing on your to-do list. That is why we do our best to keep a fun and light atmosphere in the dental office. We even crack the occasional joke or one-liner to keep you smiling.

We care about your financial health too. That is why we do our best to make treatment plans that work with your dental insurance benefits so you have the least out-of-pocket costs for your dental treatment.

Friendly Staff

When you visit our Edmonton dental offices, you will find our team is always smiling! We love to smile and truly enjoy meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends. It’s always a great day at The Tooth Doctor.

Clean, Modern Dental Offices

Each of our dental offices is beautifully appointed with modern fixtures, lighting and an espresso machine! Each exam room is furnished with new and comfortable dental chairs and a ‘floating’ flat screen television for those longer dental treatment appointments.

Additional Dental Services

The Tooth Doctor Edmonton provides general dental treatments such as dental examinations, dental x-rays, dental cleaning and scaling, and filling dental cavities.

We also provide additional dental services that provide more treatment options for our patients. Patients often come to us because they want to improve the look of their smile, not just because they are experiencing dental pain or dental emergencies.

For missing teeth we provide dental implant options to make eating and smiling a more enjoyable experience for you.

Crowded and crooked teeth are a concern for many people. Metal braces applied by an orthodontist used to be the only way to accomplish straight teeth. With dental technology improvements, general dentists like The Tooth Doctor can offer invisible teeth alignment products like Invisalign®.

Preventing crooked teeth is better than having to correct them later in life. The Tooth Doctor has helped many children correct their crooked or misaligned teeth by helping them with better habits or by prescribing inexpensive dental appliances to help with the development of their mouth for a straight, beautiful smile.

When you smile, your whole face smiles. That can produce unwanted wrinkles or smile lines that we would prefer not to have. Dr. Yoo is fully trained and qualified to provide Botox® treatments to create that perfect smile.

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