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At The Tooth Doctor we want to help you achieve a beautiful smile. We have many methods we use to do this and offer all the general dentistry practices and methods you are used to. These help with the function of your teeth but in addition to that we have many special dentistry services we offer to help with the practical side of your mouth but also make your smile aesthetically pleasing. The Tooth Doctor combines the two worlds so that the cosmetic and functional dental needs are met. Our goal is to save as many teeth as possible, for as long as possible for as cheap as possible.

General Dentistry

The general dentistry practices are the usual things we have done from as young as one year old. These procedures include checkups, x-rays, cleaning, polishing, and filling any cavities that may show up. However, as we age and have repeated wear and tear on our teeth, we tend to lose the luster in our smile. Our teeth no longer glow or look as pristine as they once did. Having straight or crooked teeth could also just come down to genetics. Even something as simple as a small mouth can leave our teeth crowded making them increasingly crooked as they grow into position.

Leave From The Tooth Doctor With A Perfect Smile

Having a smile that leaves you with less confidence can be tough. Often people say they would be more confident if they had a straighter and more attractive smile. Some believe that a person with a straight and pleasing smile are offered more opportunities for success because of it. The Tooth Doctor is here to make your smile look its absolute best and we do all that by using special cosmetic dentistry techniques and methods. First is to be sure your mouth is healthy and there are no other underlying issues. Those are treated first before such things as teeth whitening and straightening.

As you work towards your healthiest mouth with the help of Dr. Yoo, the founding owner and operator of The Tooth Doctor, you will discover many ways to help you achieve your best smile and some of the methods are simpler, cheaper, and less invasive than you would think.

The most popular method to cleaning up your smile is teeth whitening. This is a simple, effective, non-invasive, and inexpensive way to get a glowing white smile. There are two reasons for discolored teeth, extrinsic factors and intrinsic. Extrinsic means foods and drinks that are bright or dark in color as well as tobacco products and even just wear and tear over time. Intrinsic factors include trauma, age, exposure to chemicals or minerals. Intrinsic is much harder to treat when whitening.

Teeth Whitening Belongs in Cosmetic and General Dentistry

Some of the reasons people find their teeth are not looking as bright and shiny as they once did are beyond food and drink. Age is a huge factor. As we age our teeth darken. We have wear and tear on our teeth as well and stains start to accumulate making our smiles dull. This is a great reason to have teeth whitening done.

Some other intrinsic factors that affect the color of our teeth are even just the starting color with which we are born. Some people have yellow/brownish teeth while others have green/greyish. The yellow/brown palette is much easier to treat and lighten by up to nine shades lighter. This color is much more responsive to the bleaching gel than green/grey colored teeth.

Having beautiful white teeth may be all that you are looking to change to help you gain confidence in your smile but many of our clients want to address the overcrowded or crookedness they experience with their teeth. Having straight teeth is more important for function rather than the aesthetic reasons. To have your teeth aligned properly means more comfort in chewing but even something we take for granted, talking!

Make Your Life Easier At The Tooth Doctor

When you cannot swallow properly because your tongue does not sit in the right position due to the shape of your jaw and teeth this can become a problem which is worsened with age. At the Tooth Doctor, Dr. Yoo looks at this very carefully to help his clients have better quality dental health. Being able to eat properly because your bite is in an ideal position is ultra-important not to mention the wear and tear you prevent from happening because of poor alignment. Straightening your teeth helps you keep your teeth for as long as possible because they do not wear down unnecessarily early.

When it comes to straightening teeth Dr. Yoo gets intricately involved in the planning process. The preferred method for straightening teeth is a method called Invisalign. Dr. Yoo maps out the whole course of where the teeth position starts and where they need to be moved and rotated to. With this series of progressive aligners that can easily be slipped on and off the teeth you have a great alternative to the more traditional metal braces. The reason for this method is that it provides effective results with the least discomfort. There is little interference with life as you achieve a beautiful straight smile.

The aligners are made of smooth comfortable clear plastic. Because they are clear they become virtually invisible. One of the main reasons this method is preferred for teeth straightening is that it provides a gradual moving of the teeth that will not disrupt the roots of the teeth.

Some of the things that Invisalign corrects is mild crookedness, protruding teeth, malocclusion, which is how the upper and lower teeth fit together when they bite. Invisalign also corrects overbite, underbite, and severe spaces or overly crowded teeth. These are all great cases for using Invisalign as the teeth straightening method of choice.

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