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Many people are familiar with bridges and dentures from dentist in Edmonton. It was often the only way that missing teeth could be replaced. And while it was the only way for a long time. Dentures and bridges have always been a bit problematic. While they often looked great, just like a patients regular teeth, many people didn’t like them for a variety of reasons.

Dental Implants | Dentist in Edmonton

Main Issues with Dentures

Because they aren’t permanently affixed in a patient’s mouth, they can move around or shift. This often happens most when people are eating or talking. There is embarrassment in having your full set of dentures pop out of your mouth at a fancy dinner. Or while giving a speech. In addition to being able to shift and move, the problems with dentures and bridges don’t stop there.

Another problem is they didn’t stop other teeth from moving around. Bridges would often have to be adjusted as the surrounding teeth shifted in the gums. In response to not having a tooth anchored in that spot. Bone erosion was another problem as well. With no tooth roots in that spot, the body would repurpose the calcium in the gums to elsewhere in the body. Making the existing teeth less stable and causing the dentures or bridges to become ill fitting with time.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants change fix those problems. Not every dentist in Edmonton can provide this great treatment, however, The Tooth Doctor can. A dental implant is simply a prosthetic tooth. The implant is surgically placed into the jawbone. Once the implant – usually made from titanium metal – is healed, the dentist will place a crown, bridge or denture onto the implant. Once the implant is healed, it will look and function like a regular tooth. Becoming a permanent part of the patient’s mouth.

Dentist in Edmonton | Regular Appointments And Emergency Dental Care Available

Gone are the days of ill-fitting dentures popping out while eating or speaking. The only maintenance required is regular dental visits with a dentist in Edmonton. The crown or abutment may require fixing, adjusting, or tightening occasionally. Regular appointments will ensure that the implant is healthy. There are many reasons why The Tooth Doctor prefers dental implants to bridges and dentures. Not just that bridges and dentures can fail, break, and require replacing every few years. But a dental implant maintains overall oral health.

Main Reason to get Dental Implants

The first reason why an implant is healthier, is due to the implant itself. The implant acts the same as a tooth root does. With every bite or chew a person makes, the vibration of the tooth and tooth root stimulates blood flow in the jawbone and gums. When a tooth is removed, the blood flow is not being stimulated, which is why bone erosion happens. With a dental implant, the bone and blood flow continue to be stimulated. Resulting in healthier gums, and better overall oral health.

Another reason why dental implants are better than bridges or dentures. Is because having the tooth replaced keeps other teeth from shifting or moving. With one tooth gone, other teeth can migrate. This leads to teeth becoming crooked, as well as teeth leaning over into each other. Teeth can become damaged by butting into each other, and damaged as a person’s natural bite changes. Dental implants feel and act better, and they are healthier for the patient!

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