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When people are searching for the best Edmonton dentist. They typically want a dentist in West Edmonton who can do a wide variety of services. That way, they don’t have to find another service provider if they need something different. The Tooth Doctor is special, because not only do they have three convenient locations. They also can provide a wide variety of services. To help you and your whole family with all their oral health needs.

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Starting with oral health services. This is regular oral maintenance that’s needed. To keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong. The staff at all three locations are trained to be able to provide this service. As well as show patients what they can do at home. To maintain great oral hygiene at home, including the best dental products your entire family should be using.

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As well, The Tooth Doctor provides general dentistry. This Edmonton dentist looks for any problems that aren’t immediately obvious, including looking for signs of tooth decay and cavities. They will inspect each patients’ teeth and gums in order to look for signs of bone loss or disease that needs quick attention.

At the same time, they will clean, rinse and polish the patients’ teeth and repair any issues. Such as teeth that have been worn down, cracked or broken and fill any cavities. They only use the most dependable techniques and tools to ensure the dental job is done correctly. And that the patients have a great experience.

Edmonton Dentist | Dental Implants Are A Preferred Method

If a patient has any missing teeth or will need teeth pulled or replaced. Not every Edmonton dentist can take care of this, but The Tooth Doctor can! A dental implant consists of an artificial tooth root – the implant itself – usually made of titanium. This artificial root is surgically placed into the jawbone. Once healed, The Tooth Doctor will put a crown on the implant.

The reason why Edmonton dentist prefers dental implants is because they look, act and feels like a real tooth. Unlike bridges or dentures that are appliances that can be removed from the patient’s mouth. The dental implant is a permanent part of the mouth, and anyone can eat and talk normally. Dental implants are strong and stable, lasting many years, with only occasional re-tightening or replacement needed with normal wear.

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However, if an implant is not yet needed, The Tooth Doctor can utilize dental crowns or caps. These are methods of replacing teeth. Usually, a crown or cap is placed on top of a tooth that no longer has enough structure. To withstand having a filling placed, The Tooth Doctor can place three different types of dental crowns including gold, porcelain with metal and porcelain only.

To view a complete list of services that can be done by this Edmonton dentist. Please visit The Tooth Doctor’s website Not only will you be able to read all of the services they offer, but you can see their entire staff, read their bios and view wonderful pictures of their offices. They can’t wait to meet you!

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