Dentist in Edmonton | Emergency Dental Care

In our lifetime we will have seen the dentist many times to have routine checkups, cavities filled or more invasive work like a root canal. In Canada, the most popular dental treatments are teeth cleanings, teeth whitening, extractions, veneers, crowns, root canals, and braces/Invisalign. Most of these are done routinely in a scheduled appointment and many times a series of appointments. Visiting the dentist does not come without its cost in money, time, and comfort, but the alternative is much worse.

The goal of The Tooth Doctor is to provide great emergency dental care to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. There is a reason this is Dr. Yoo’s motto. He knows how important good dental health is. Without our natural teeth we not only lose our smile, but there are further complications that can occur. Some of them cause damage that is irreversible.

When you have a tooth or teeth missing you have the likelihood of changing the bite of your whole jaw and teeth which can eventually change the shape of your face. Without teeth in the jawbone, the bone begins to recede or disappear a little at a time. This will eventually change the shape of the chin and mouth area. The extraction of even one tooth can have a lasting impact on your bite and ultimately comfort. It is important to replace the tooth if you cannot keep it due to its poor health.

Early intervention is a big advantage

Once a space opens between the teeth, the rest of them shift and spread out. You can imagine how the bite will change not to mention you will have more issues with food and debris getting caught in between the teeth because of the gaps that present themselves.

Early intervention is always the best way to approach taking care of your teeth. Prevention of course is the goal to having a healthy set of teeth. Teeth cleaning serves to preserve that pearly smile. At the same time as having your teeth cleaned you will also have them checked for any issues including cavities or other concerns like overcrowding. The dental hygienist and dentist work together to be sure your mouth is as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Regular Visits are Important to prevent Emergency Dental Care

We now see how important regular dental visits are but what happens if there is an emergency that requires you to see the dentist. You will want to be sure to keep reading because often there are things that happen out of our control and the dentist may be your first place to go for help. Some of the main reasons people might need to see the dentist in an emergency situation is for any dental problem that needs immediate attention. This could be due to excessive bleeding, severe pain or to save a tooth.

Some people have even had to visit the emergency room to deal with a severe infection that started in the teeth or mouth. This is not to be treated lightly as it can be life threatening.

We as humans like to take chances with many things and our teeth are included. We may play sports, or even just try to open a bottle with our teeth and then have the worst thing happen, chip, crack, break or lose a tooth. These are all legitimate concerns, and you should immediately call your dentist in this emergency to have it checked out right away. Seeing the dentist as soon as possible can help you have a better chance of saving or preserving the natural tooth. Remember how important it is to save the natural teeth for as long as possible. Without them our whole face changes shape, not to mention the comfort of our bite is altered.

Visit a dentist if you have a tooth-ache

You may never have a tooth chipped, broken, or come lose but even if you have excruciating pain in your tooth it is a good idea to call your dentist as this could be a legitimate emergency. This is the most common reason people call their dentist. They cannot bear the pain any longer. This is no different than having unbearable pain anywhere else in your body. You would likely visit an emergency room or doctor to fix that issue too. Having pain in your mouth from your teeth is no different.

You may find the problem with the teeth is coming from a cavity or severe grinding, but until you see the dentist you may be jeopardizing your dental health and ultimately your whole body’s health.

Some of the more severe reasons for calling your dentist first in an emergency could be that you broke your jaw or have jaw pain. You will likely want to take some pain medication but get the dentist on the line immediately. Do not eat solid food unless your dentist clears you to do so. This will only cause more pain.

Keep all Your teeth in check

If you lose a crown or temporary crown, it is also time to get your dentist on the phone. Be sure you catch it before you swallow it. Make an appointment to have things fixed as soon as possible because the longer you go the more sensitive that tooth will become. The tissue becomes exposed and that is what causes severe discomfort.

If you find yourself in any of these emergency dental situations, do not hesitate to contact us at The Tooth Doctor. We are here to help you by giving you prompt treatment. We have three locations that all accept emergency dental calls. Two locations are in Edmonton and one in Tofield. Please visit Our dentists are prepared to manage many emergency dental situations. The best thing to do is not panic even if you are frightened. Our dentists can help calm you and give you professional advice on whether you need to come in immediately or not.

We are just a phone call away in any situation. Even if you are out of town, we can still give you the advice you need to have your emergency dealt with promptly.