The Tooth Doctor Vision And Expertise

Who We Are

Hi there. I’m Dr. Peter Yu and I’m the tooth doctor. Yeah. We started this practice in 2009 serving community at Edmonton and recently, and shortly after we have a practice out in Tofield as well. So you know, I graduated in 2003 from the university of Alberta and just all the different places that I’ve worked at. I’ve learned a lot about, you know, Vision And Expertise, helping little kids to helping seniors, to doing different types, such as types of things, such as Invisalign and implants. So my vision for the tooth doctor has been you know, I wanna provide all aspects of dental care.

You know, we do Invisalign we do implants you know, we do all the basic work, you know, checkups, fillings and things. But we like to see young kids as well.

What We Do

You know, we work on development, you know, we want kids to grow up so that they don’t have to have braces, you know, that their teeth are in good shape, you know, and, and, and more so, you know, just the, the feeling when you come to the dental office, you know, I’ve seen so many people, their, their knuckles are, are white as they’re sitting in the chair because they’ve had a bad experience at the dental office and that’s, that’s what we want to avoid.

And we want to provide a positive experience and a good, healthy experience here at the to doctor you know, being real with my patients, you know, I still save my bottles and go to the bottle Depot to, to save some money. You know, I grew up in a middle class you know, home so I understand the value of money.

So, you know, here at the tooth doctor, we wanna provide kind of a practical and a realistic approach. You know, I’m not gonna give you a treatment plan for like 20, $30,000. You know, we, we look and see for each patient, what we feel is best for them, and, and we give you options. And we try and be very visible. You know, we show you where your cavities are. We show you, you know, what could improve and, and ultimately it’s, it’s the patient’s choice, your choice as to what you would like to do to help better yourself and better your, your health.

So when you come to the two doctor we have, you know, great staff, you know, that, you know are concerned about, you know, your overall being, you know, your finances your time. And, and just the concerns that you have, you know, we, we want to provide an environment and a place where you can feel like, you know, you’re treated with respect and treated kindness and, and treated with, you know, a practical sense.

Why We Are A Different Dentist in Ellerslie

So how are we different? We want to be a place where we provide all aspects of dentistry. You know, we, we try to minimize our referrals out to, you know, specialists or other, other places. We, we do a lot of different Vision And Expertise things here at our office that makes it comfortable and convenient, you know, so we can follow along your progression. You know, you go from, you know, filling to, you know, maybe a root now, or maybe, you know, straighten the teeth.

Maybe you need Botox, things that we want to and can provide for you as a patient and just kind of have a overall holistic kind of treatment to help better serve you in regards to, you know, finances. I know that for some of you there, that is a big concern. So, you know, when we talk about people’s insurance or costs, you know, on budgeting, you know, we do want to provide, you know, a reasonable approach, you know, we do payment plan, you know, why I get patients that come in with insurance and they got like, you know, 10 cavities, you know, I don’t just say, Hey, we gotta fix all these.

Why Vision And Expertise Is Important

And you’re gonna be, you know, a few thousand dollars over your insurance, and that’s why you gotta pay outta your pocket. You know, I do think about, you know, what comes out of your pocket. So if we can, you know, plan things out and say, Hey, you know what, let’s fix these teeth first and keep it within your insurance plan. And then maybe some of these other treatment can hold off and wait till maybe the new year when your insurance for renew. Again, you know, those are Vision And Expertise things that I do think about that we think about to help, better serve you and you know, and, and all the aspects that you’re concerned.