Dentist in Edmonton | Questions for the Dentist

If you are like most people, the thought of going to the dentist makes you feel uneasy. However, you know you must go because you want to have a healthy smile and keep your teeth for as long as possible. The good news is you do not have to face that fear anymore. Once you come in and meet The Tooth Doctor you will see the difference a good dentist can make. Dr. Yoo is the founding owner and operator of The Tooth Doctor. He cares about your whole family’s dental health.

His motto is to keep as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. Being a family man himself he understands how to not only make adults comfortable sitting in the dentist chair but children too. He has a way of making anyone who is scared to visit the dentist feel calm and have a laugh or two. His sense of humor and casual personality make even the toughest crowd glad they chose The Tooth Doctor for their general dentistry needs but also any specialized dentals needs they have.

You may have similar questions that are frequently asked. As you read further you will find answers to some of these common questions that many of our clients have had. The answers will put your mind at ease and eliminate some confusion on what you may believe to be true about your dental health. You will quickly realize there are some basic things you should know about taking care of your smile. You can review this practical information and start applying some of it immediately.

If you still have unanswered questions, you can ask Dr. Yoo when you come for your next dental visit.

One of the first questions for the dentist people ask are how can I make my teeth whiter? The simple answer is there are products out there that will help like toothpaste and whitening strips. However, the best solution is coming into The Tooth Doctor to have in office whitening done. This is the way to get the best results. You will receive custom made trays to reach every tooth and give you the most even, whitest results.

The whitening bleach is the highest concentration you can find and is only available through the professional licensed dentist. The great thing about this method is you can do it at home and whenever you want to make your teeth whiter.

Questions for the Dentist | How often should I visit?

A lot of people often ask questions for the dentist about when they need to have a dental checkup. The fast answer is once a year. If you have issues with the health of your teeth every year at your checkup, you may want to consider coming in more often than that. This does not indicate you have bad oral hygiene practices; it may simply come down to genetics.

The best ways to practice good dental hygiene are to brush twice a day and floss once a day. Use mouthwash daily as well. The mouthwash helps to clean where the floss and brush cannot reach. Be sure to find an alcohol-free mouthwash and use it twice daily right after you brush your teeth. Once you brush your teeth at the end of your day, refrain from eating after. You may also want to consider reducing sugar intake.

Always remember your diet plays a huge role in your dental health. Include many vegetables and fruits as well as other complex carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Limiting highly processed foods can help you become healthier overall but even affects your oral health. A healthy diet affects your whole body even your teeth.

Visit yearly for effective maintenance

When you come in for your yearly checkup you will also have an x-ray done to be sure everything looks healthy beyond what the eye can see. There is no need to be concerned about radiation exposure. To give you some perspective you would have to have one hundred x-rays to equal the same exposure a flight from Edmonton to Vancouver gives you. The reason for yearly x-rays is to examine thoroughly for any hidden cavities.

These also help when x-raying children to see that the adult teeth below the surface are coming in. If there are missing adult teeth it gives Dr. Yoo time to produce a plan to adjust for this.

Another common questions for the dentist people ask is how to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. As mentioned earlier the biggest line of defense is to brush, floss and use mouthwash daily. When brushing be sure to do two minutes and brush half on the gum and half on the tooth. Keep up to date with your yearly dental checkups and have cleaning done in office yearly.

There are many reasons you could have sensitive teeth. One of the most common reasons is having gingivitis. Sensitivity increases due to more root exposure which is a side effect of gingivitis. Did you know 74% of adults have this condition? Gums receding to different levels means more sensitivity. If you grind your teeth at night, you may also become a victim of sensitive teeth. Another thing that causes pain and sensitivity is brushing your teeth too hard as it can cause your enamel to become thin.

Be sure to contact us for your next visit to the dentist

When you come into to The Tooth Doctor, we can examine what is happening to cause your teeth to be sensitive. A recommended toothpaste is Sensodyne. Our clinic can also put a desensitizer material on your teeth. This is like a thin coating to protect. We have even put a small filling in on an exposed place on some of our patients. We hope we answered some of the most common questions for the dentist.

Young families always ask when they should bring their little ones in to see the dentist. We suggest they come in once the first tooth appears and at around one year old. Your children’s baby teeth will start to fall out between six to 12 years old. Some children start to lose their teeth around four years old. It is important they have early dental visits and x-rays to make sure everything is healthy.