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Hi there. I’m Dr. Peter Yoo and I’m the Tooth Doctor. And right now I’m just gonna talk a little about sedation dentistry. You know, they say about what 40% of the population has a fear of dentists and, you know, that’s common. I remember the first time I had to go to a dentist with a rotten tooth and yeah, it was a little bit nerve wracking.

So, you know, in our office we do provide sedation you know, there’s various types, there’s the general where you get put under. And so you don’t remember anything? I think when I got my wisdom teeth out, I was like passed out, woke up and started to describe it a little bit, but I woke up in the bed, got up, couldn’t see anything, cuz I had all this gauze in my mouth. I could see the nurse across the room and I was like Earl.

The first patient I put under

And then I, I pulled the gauze out and you know, what’s on there and I was just like, I’m looking around for a garbage and I’m like, Hmm, I don’t know where to put it. So I put it back in my mouth. So sorry to describe that. But that was just a funny moment in my life. And my mentor dentist, he does IV sedation dentistry. So they give, you know, they give you poke in the arm and, and give you the indication to put under.

And again, same thing you’re unconscious. So to be specific, there is unconscious sedation, and then there’s more of a conscious sedation, which is what we do. The reason I’ve gone with that is because of the comfort and ease. My very first patient, I had to oral sedation. He had five fillings to do.

Different kinds and levels of sedation dentistry

We fixed four of them and the fifth one that was too deep and needed a root canal. So in the end when I finished him, I put a temporary filling on that tooth and he sat up and I said, you know what, boss you need a root canal in the back tooth. I’m gonna ride the little note in your wallet. And he’s like, no, no, I’ll I’ll remember it. I was like, no, no, trust me.

So he left the office at 10, got home got a call at one o’clock three hours later. He’s like doc, I took a nap and I woke up and get ready to do do a few things. And I look in my wallet and I see this note about needing a root canal. What’s this about? And I was like, I told you this at 10.

Multiple days later, the patients still might not remember

He goes, oh, I don’t remember. But a call again later that night at around 6:00 PM, again, he must have gone home take another nap and forgot about it. And even the next day he woke up in the morning, saw the note in his wallet and called me a third time, ask about it. And, and that’s what oral sedation does we give you some medication to, to take. We actually crush some up and put it under your tongue.

So it shouldn’t to gets into your system a lot faster and easier. And what it does, it helps you to calm down. And the good thing about it has it helps with you know, what amnesia is, you know, when, when you don’t remember things, that’s, that’s what the medication does. So I’ve had a number of patients that would take out teeth or we do you do, you know, some longer procedures.

It’s ok to not remember some things

And we call ’em next day or two days later, just see how they’re doing. And they literally say, I remember walking in but I don’t remember walking out. Sometimes they wake up in the morning the next day, wondering why are they in their bed and not in the dental chair. So, which is kind of amusing to note.

With oral sedation dentistry. Basically we get you in the chair and we give you some medication and you sit in the chair and relax for about an hour and until the medication takes effect then we can start your procedure the medication, what it does, it helps you calm you down, helps you feel more relaxed and, you know, just kind of relaxes your nerves in a sense

Amnesia-like effects after sedation dentistry

With the procedures after we’re done, we’ve tend to find that people have amnesia effect. So they kind of forget what happened during their procedure. So we do have some protocols in terms of having somebody with you, taking you home you know, coming, you know, not eating or having a light breakfast or lunch when you come in doing your procedure.

Know you will be taken care of

So, you know, if you’re a patient that, you know, what, you just have this jitter uneasiness of even just walking into the door or, you know, your, your cans get clammy and you’ve, or you’ve had a bad experience, you know, I’ve met a lot of patients where they, they can share the times where they just, yeah, unfortunately had some unfortunate, bad experiences or things that have, you know, kind of stick stick with you. And so sitting in a dental chair is not, you know, the most comfortable place.

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Sedation dentistry is something that we can provide for you so that we can help you get your, get your dental care, you know, you know, get cavities fixed. I know people that are just too afraid just to get cavities. And they basically literally wait till they have a, so if you’re one of those patients that, you know, have that uneasiness, or really just that fear of, of being in a dental office come and call us at all, any of our locations or come visit us at