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A common question people ask when visiting a dentist in Edmonton. Is from people who want to know what they can do to get their teeth whiter and brighter! Teeth can become yellowed or darken over time for many different reasons such as drinking coffee and tea, tobacco and even aging. More people than ever before want to turn back the clock. And have the whiter, brighter smile that they know is possible! While once common for special occasions, many people don’t need any reason. To want a brilliantly beautiful smile!

Tooth Whitening

The Tooth Doctor can help people achieve this through several methods, both in office, and take-home kits. For the in-office whitening, the wonderful staff at The Tooth Doctor will help. They will apply a bleaching agent that contains hydrogen peroxide. This is via a plastic tray that has been custom fitted to each patients’ teeth. This visit is usually about an hour long but can take up to an hour and a half.

However, there are many whitening solutions from this dentist in Edmonton, The Tooth Doctor. They will purchase a peroxide-based solution directly from the dentist. This tooth whitening solution usually comes in a carbamide-peroxide gel form. Patients will also get a mouthguard from The Tooth Doctor. How it works, is that in the privacy and comfort of a patients’ home, they will put the gel into the mouthguard, then wear the mouthguard to lighten their teeth.

Dentist in Edmonton | Tooth Whitening Solutions In Ellerslie, Capilano and Tofield

The dentist and patient will discuss the appropriate intensity and duration of the treatment to achieve desired results. Hydrogen peroxide is the most used active ingredient of tooth whitening procedures. How it works, is by acting as an oxidizing agent. This means it breaks down to produce free radicals that are unstable. These free radicals attach themselves to the molecules that discolor teeth. This results in smaller, less pigmented components. These smaller molecules allow the teeth to appear whiter.

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While there may be many products that patients can use. That will whiten their teeth, such as over the counter tooth whitening dental strips. Or whitening toothpaste, these products will not be as effective as the whitening solutions that can be obtained by going to a dentist in Edmonton. The reason why, is because without the watchful guidance of dental professionals. The over-the-counter products simply cannot contain as much active ingredient. For example, the over-the-counter solutions can only whiten a patient’s teeth by one shade per product.

While the products obtained from any dentist in Edmonton such as The Tooth Doctor. Can whiten patients’ teeth by as much as five shades! This makes for a noticeably whiter, brighter smile. And whether people want whiter teeth for a special occasion, like a wedding or family pictures for example. Or if people simply feel better and more confident with a brighter smile, the best option is to contact The Tooth Doctor, at any of their three locations. To find out what tooth whitening solution is going to be best for them! When looking for the best dentist in Edmonton, the choice is an obvious one: The Tooth Doctor, at any of their locations.