How Long do Tooth Gems Last

Jun 27, 2023 | Dentist in Edmonton

Tooth Gems | How Long do Tooth Gems Last

If you aren’t happy with your smile it changes how you interact with people and leads to other issues. You may have tried different methods to get a smile you are in love with. Straightening your teeth, replacing, or fixing the bad ones and whitening them to the perfect shade in effort to make your smile perfect are great ways to give you confidence but maybe you want more. Highlighting your perfect smile with tooth gems is a perfect finish to a beautiful smile.

At The Tooth Doctor people consult with us often about how to make their smile the best it can be. They are searching for that wow factor that will make them stand out especially when it comes to first impressions. Time and money are spent to straighten their teeth. While that boosts their confidence along with making their bite more comfortable, many clients feel this is still not enough. They want to brighten their smile too. Of course, the next logical step is to enhance their straight smile with a pearly white glow.

Love Your White Smile

Now they adore the smile they see in the mirror, but some clients still wonder if there is something more they can do to make their smile a little bit flashier. The are happy with what their smile has become but are not sure how to take it one level higher in enhancing it. There are many options to explore through the dentist. The Tooth Doctor uses creativity and proven methods to beautify your smile.

When you don’t have teeth that you feel confident in showing you will hold back your smile from all the people you encounter. You may come across differently than you realize. You hide the true representation of who you are. Someone may smile at you, but you shy away and don’t return it. You are closed off and the other person may even feel a sense of rejection.

Make a lasting First Impression With a Smile

You don’t want others to feel rejected by you just because of your insecurity. This can happen with anyone you meet, whether they are a new connection or someone you are already know. All the people you encounter in a day will be met with the same closed off feeling. Worst case scenario, you are looking for a new job in a new career and you finally land an interview with your favorite company. What happens when you go to meet them? You fumble in leaving a great first impression.

Unless you really shine with your words about how great a fit you are within the culture at that business, you will become forgettable. Your smile can make all the difference. You can break the ice, leave a feeling of ease and connection just by sharing a smile first and throughout the interview. This is how important it is to have the smile you want to show as a reflection of your personality.

Get Your Smile Picture Ready With a Professional

There are many ways to brighten your smile to show yourself in the best light. Any method you choose to apply to help perfect your smile, will need to be done through the dentist, like The Tooth Doctor, to get the best and safest results. A more advanced way to change the look and bite of your teeth and the shape of your whole face is to straighten your teeth. This is always a great first step to give you the confidence you need to be relaxed and let other parts of your true self shine.

The downside to this method, albeit it’s worth it, is that it takes a lot of time to complete and can be costly. As well it takes routine checkups to get it done right. Other options to brighten your smile is to whiten them. When you combine this with straightening you have a dynamic duo. If you are missing teeth or have a chip, you could also have implants to replace them. If your front teeth are chipped a set of veneers will give you a perfect smile.

Complete your look with a Tooth Gem

Many people opt for some or all of the above procedures but still want that little bit more to give them the bling they desperately seek. This is when they turn to tooth gems to complete that look. They are not satisfied yet and want to show their smile off and have that sparkle. Tooth gems are perfection. These tiny rhinestones or jewels are simply pasted on to your teeth in a precise location using a unique adhesive. They can last anywhere from three to twelve months dependent on how well you take care of them. Then they can be removed professionally or you can wait for them to fall off.

These gems aren’t just for women, many men, including celebrities, get them too. It takes as little as fifteen minutes to apply them by the professional dentist and their team. You can change them out whenever you feel like it and once they are removed by the professional its like they were never there to begin with. The key is to seek the professional, like The Tooth Doctor, to have this procedure done, undone, or altered. This makes them a safe way to add that extra bling to your smile.

Tooth gems are an easy way to add that special look to your smile. Confidence to show those teeth to all the people around you makes you more approachable and well received in any situation, from a first impression to a date night. After you have tried all the things to straighten, whiten and fix your smile but you still feel you want that little extra touch, tooth gems are an easy, quick way to achieve that.

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