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While many people know that The Tooth Doctor is an amazing Dentist in Edmonton for adults. They also provide excellent dental care for children. They know that when young children have positive, great dental visits, they do not develop a fear of the dentist. Which sets them on a path of consistent dental care as adults, and healthier teeth later in life. Therefore, The Tooth Doctor prides itself on being an expert dentist for children!

Dentist in Edmonton

Not only do they have a kids area at each of their three locations. They also have televisions at each dental exam chair. This helps children stay distracted, keeping the dental experience positive. As well as children specific appliances, notably the T4K appliance. This is a perfect appliance for children who have crooked teeth, developmental issues, even children who are mouth breathers.

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The Tooth Doctor also has their Free Before Three program. This dentist for children in Edmonton knows that so much of the tooth decay on children’s teeth before they are three years old. Can actually be prevented! They can accomplish this by educating parents on the importance of proper diet and oral hygiene in their children.

While the Alberta Dental Association recommends that babies should visit a dentist after their first tooth grows in. Most parents don’t get their child in to see the dentist for children until they are three years of age or older, and this can be a problem! Years of lackluster oral hygiene habits can have a long lasting effect on a child’s overall oral health and hygiene. As well as have an impact on how they will react to dental visits in the future.

Dentist in Edmonton | Get Your Children In To See The Tooth Doctor

The Tooth doctor created Free Before Three to combat early dental decay in children. And help the parents understand that visiting the dentist earlier can be incredibly beneficial to preventative care. In order to help parents, The Tooth Doctor is the only dentist in Edmonton offering no charge dental exams for children until they are three years of age.

These dental visits are as beneficial for the parents, as the children. The Tooth Doctor will be able to educate the parent on great habits, and what the parent’s role can be. When it comes to helping their child establish great oral habits such as daily toothbrushing. The appointments are to be short and easy, making them tolerable for young children. And so they will be happy returning for future visits.

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Parents and children will be introduced to one of the amazing dentist for children in Edmonton. At any of the three Tooth Doctor locations, whether it’s Ellerslie, Capilano, or Tofield. They will provide the examination, education piece and give any recommendations. At the end of the appointment, if the child is willing, a fluoride treatment will be applied to help strengthen the child’s teeth. If any x-rays or additional dental care are needed, the dentist will bring this to the parents’ attention. Additional services will be charged using the Tooth Doctor’s regular fees.

Start your child’s oral health off right by introducing them to the dentist for children in Edmonton at The Tooth Doctor. You are your child will reap the benefits of good oral hygiene habits for many years to come.

Call or visit the website to set up your child’s first dental appointment today!