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With so many choices, when you are looking for a dentist in Edmonton, why choose The Tooth Doctor? Not only do they have three great and convenient locations throughout Edmonton and area. Servicing the south with their Ellerslie location, the east with their Capilano location. And an office in Tofield, Alberta to service patients who live in the rural area. These three locations allow the dentists and staff to provide personalized service and create trusting relationships with patients.

Dentist in Edmonton

The Tooth Doctor also has services, and more importantly, a staff of people who truly care. Owned and operated by Peter Yoo, The Tooth Doctor has been in business for over 12 years. Starting with the Capilano location. Peter graduated from the University of Alberta Dentistry back in 2003, and knew he wanted to be a dentist in Edmonton, since he was born and raised in this wonderful city!

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In addition to being passionate about dentistry, and helping patients have healthy, clean smiles, Peter is also happily married with four boys. When he is not practicing dentistry, you can find him playing volleyball, golf or spending time with his wife and children.

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To meet the other doctors and caring staff of the three Edmonton locations, visit the website at and see the photos and read the bios of the team. Or make an appointment, and you will be able to meet them in person and find out why The Tooth Doctor is known for their great approach to dentistry and warm, welcome with all of their patients!

Three Locations In Edmonton

However, a fantastic team and convenient locations are not the only reasons to choose The Tooth Doctor as your best dentist in Edmonton. They also have world class facilities and many great services to help as many patients and save as many teeth as possible! Whether you need a routine cleaning or checkup. Or you have an emergency that needs a dentist, The Tooth Doctor is the best choice!

In addition to general dentistry that allows the team. To check your teeth to see if there are any problems that are not necessarily easy to see or feel. As well as look for signs of tooth decay or cavities. And finally, for the check up, they will inspect your teeth and gums to look for signs of bone loss or disease. That’s not all, after the check up, they will clean and fix any problems they see.

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The cleaning involves a scaling of the teeth to remove any tartar build up. Then a polishing to remove stains and help teeth look their shiny best! If necessary, they will repair cracked, broken or worn down teeth and fill any dental cavities. They will do all services in a friendly and professional way, the way you would expect from the best dentist in Edmonton!

When you want the best dental services, The Tooth Doctor has you covered. Contact their team at any of their convenient locations: Ellerslie, Capilano, and Tofield. Or visit the website in order to make an appointment. You and your family will love this fantastic dentist in West Edmonton!