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Emergency Dentist Edmonton
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Dental emergencies can be frightening. Our dentists understand that when you have a dental emergency, you need care ASAP. If you have a dental emergency such as a severe tooth ache, broken tooth, broken fillings or crown, or serious injury to your mouth, we can help.


Emergency Dentist Edmonton Tooth Extractions

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may require an emergency tooth extraction.

– Loose tooth after an accident or trauma

– Extreme sensitivity or pain in your teeth and gums

– Painful swelling or pus in your mouth


Emergency Dentist Edmonton Repair for Broken or Lost Fillings

If you have a broken or lost filling/crown, it’s important to have it repaired right away. Without repair, broken or lost fillings/crowns will expose tissue that can cause severe discomfort. Even if you don’t experience discomfort from your broken or lost filling/crowns, further deterioration to the tooth can lead to it becoming unfixable.


Emergency Root Canals

If a tooth is causing you severe pain, a root canal may be an appropriate treatment option. When the inside of your tooth becomes decayed or infected, it can cause serious pain. Our dentists can perform root canals to remove this infected tissue, which gets you out of pain and prevents the need for extraction.


The Tooth Doctor has an after-hours emergency dentist Edmonton number available for when you need us most. Dr. Peter Yoo and our staff will make sure to provide our patients with prompt  and effective treatment when needed. We are well equipped to handle many emergency dental situations. We provide emergency dental services at three locations in Edmonton and Tofield.

Experiencing dental pain? Call one of the most convenience location for you right away!

Capilano location: 780-758-6684

Ellerslie location: 780-760-8668

Tofield location: 780-662-3553

Emergency dentist edmonton

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Emergency Dental Care

Our office has extended weekend and evening hours. Our staff provides our patients with the prompt treatment they need, when they need it.


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