How To Brighten Your Smile

Apr 26, 2023 | Edmonton Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry Edmonton | How To Brighten Your Smile

At The Tooth Doctor we know how important your smile is in giving you confidence in your everyday life. When you have crooked or overcrowded teeth or even missing and broken ones, this can keep you from smiling at all. We have a mission to help as many families as we can with gaining that confidence back. We have many solutions to help you save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. Let us brighten your smile.

Some of the most common cosmetic procedures that we offer at The Tooth Doctor are sure to brighten your smile. Teeth whitening can lighten your teeth and brighten them by many shades. This procedure is not only effective but also very convenient.

Quick and convenient

You can be in and out within two hours and there is even an option to take home the system to whiten your teeth yourself and subsequently touch up your smile at any time you desire. When you come in for a free consultation we can go over all the details with you on cost, application and what you can expect by using the teeth whitening system available through The Tooth Doctor.

The Tooth Doctor offers a teeth straightening system that works for most people. When you choose to straighten your teeth with us we use the Invisalign system. You will enjoy a comfortable and easy to use system that not only gets you results but gets them relatively quickly. This method can fix many different issues you may be having with your teeth not being straight. Some of the most common things Invisalign treats is overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite, crooked and crowded teeth, and misaligned teeth.

This solution is perfect for the teenager and adult alike. As long as you are self-disciplined to keep them in for the time you are supposed to you make an excellent candidate. This a nearly invisible way to straighten your teeth while still enjoying most of the foods you love in the same way. It is also easy to keep your teeth clean and healthy too.

Some issues are easy to fix

Having a chipped or cracked tooth, severe discoloration, gap between your teeth or even small teeth is not hard to fix. If you are experiencing any of these situations and want to fix your smile, we have solutions for that too at The Tooth Doctor. Veneers and bonding are perfect answers to creating that beaming smile. Veneers are more invasive and take longer to apply but they last a long time.

You likely can enjoy them for the next decade. Of course, you will need regular checkups along the way. Bonding is much quicker to do and less expensive but easy to touch up when needed after applied. This less invasive approach can have you in an out in one appointment whereas veneers are a multi-appointment solution.

Dental Implants Are Technically Better

The next popular cosmetic procedure, dental implants, is more invasive but also worth the time and resources to have it done. It drastically changes the shape of your smile making it bright and showy. Your confidence will show when you have a full set of bright, white teeth. Dental implants and crowns can change your whole look. If you have a bad tooth from injury or just a rotten one, or if you are already missing one you can still achieve a beautiful smile. If you want to have a celebrity look alike smile then you are going to have to consider having veneers, crowns or dental implants done.

Dental implants are structures that are made up of a root and crown to replace a tooth or teeth. Typically, a small titanium screw is surgically implanted into the jawbone all beneath the gum line. This is the anchor for the artificial tooth that will be seen. This upper tooth part is referred to as a crown. The root or titanium screw acts just as permanent as a natural tooth root and is long lasting. An abutment connects the root with the crown to make it strong. The crown is custom made so it fits perfectly and matches the teeth around it. It looks and feels just like a real tooth.

Replace an entire tooth

Dental implants are the preferred treatment to a missing tooth over dentures for a few important reasons. Dental implants and crowns look and act the most natural and have a comfortable fit. Dental implants are long lasting and reliable. They improve the ability to eat and chew. The most important thing about a dental implant is that it prevents bone loss and supports the natural teeth around it. Dentures do not compare in this category.

If you have a missing tooth, you need to replace it so that your teeth do not shift out of place and cause more problems with your bite and in your mouth. This leads us to the fact that dental implants support your facial structure. If you have ever seen someone who has dentures and is not wearing them at the time or simply just has missing teeth you can see the whole shape of the face changes because of bone loss. Things start to shift in an impactful way and not only change your smile but your jawline.

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If you are wondering if you make a great candidate for dental implants it is best you come in for a free consultation at The Tooth Doctor to discuss your options and make a plan. You must be healthy enough to undergo a routine dental extraction or oral surgery. You will also need a full examination of your gums, jawbone, and other structural support to be sure you are a suitable candidate prior to having an implant done. Call The Tooth Doctor to book at 780-758-6684 or visit our website.