Why Do Dentists Administer Botox To Their Patients? Is It Safe?

Hi, I’m Dr. Peter Yu. Some people have asked us, you know, why do dentists administer Botox? You know, I understand, you know, a lot of places, a lot of those cosmetic places or aestheticians will do Botox for patients. We feel that, you know, looking at people’s faces and mouths all day, you know, we see their smile line.

We see, you know, how different muscles move that you know, we are very knowledgeable and capable about helping, you know, patients with their, you know, I guess overall appearance, you know, we want people to look good and feel good. And so, you know, with Botox, it’s just a natural progression that we have you know, kind of tucked under our belt to provide for our patients to, to help with, you know, muscle concerns, you know, sometimes, you know, TMJ pain sometimes it helps with you know, jaw clenching and grinding.

So those are aspects of Botox that we wanna provide to help our patients, you know, live a better quality of life. Botox is very safe, you know, they, there is people that have concerns about how it is you know, you know, people like, oh, it’s, it’s a toxin or a poison. It has been gone through for many years, you know, decades of experiment and research.

And what it does is it basically numbs or I guess stops the muscle from moving. And so that’s where it is helpful to, to minimize all the, I guess, lines on your, on your face as we call wrinkles. But it also helps to minimize certain muscle movements to allow for, you know, better overall aesthetics. You know, some people, they have a smile and one lip goes higher than the other, you know, there’s factors like that, that we, we can treat with Botox to, to help people have a better overall appearance. And just feeling better about their personal appearance.